Monday, October 10, 2011

Literally defining one’s destiny.

DuangThis concept will sound really strange to most outside of the Asian region, the concept of how important the birth’s date and time is to an individuals’ destiny. The only similar example I can give would be how many believe that the zodiac sign of your birth determines your characteristic, but in the Far East it goes so much deeper, even to the point of how successful you’ll be in life.

That got me thinking, with today’s technology and this is certainly true for Thailand, most births are through caesarean section, this simply means one can choose the date and time of your child’s birth, so in a way choosing your child’s destiny.

We certainly were given the opportunity to choose for our first child, but decided against it, so he arrived on the 5th of May, luckily turned out to be an ‘auspicious’ day (lucky for him and us).

Of course like a good table in a good restaurant, you’ll have to book the doctor in advance, “Dr. we would like him/her out at 09:45 on 9th of April, can you make it?” is a very common conversation in any hospital.

The whole thing sounds like a plot of a very bad B movie, the Dr. would goes through all the steps of the caesarean section, up to the point of pulling out the child, then he would pause and look at the clock then wait... can you imagine the deafening silence, probably only the ticking of the clock can be heard (just like in the movie :) then as the hand reaches 09:45 he would then pull out the baby... just like in a well run factory, ‘just in time’ delivery, not a minute sooner not a minute later... well done Dr.

So there is no doubt in my mind that in the (probably near) future, if parents were given the choice to choose more than just the date and time, most would jump at the chance. Deep down we all want them to be, taller, more handsome, prettier, faster, smarter, just simply better than us. I certainly would, the opportunity to give him a chance not to be bald is just too overwhelming... haa haa haa. Yet on a more serious side, to be able to stop hereditary medical condition(s) isn’t that a boon to humanity, or does it just widen the already huge gap between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’, as this has a ka-ching signs all over it.

So for our second child we are actually thinking of pin pointing the date and time, she is due some time in November, it would be nice to have her see the world for the very first time on 11.11.11 :)

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