Wednesday, June 18, 2008

15.06.2008 First Month

So many things have happened during your first month, without a doubt you are our precious (very Lord of the Rings, hee hee), first thing first, just in case you were wondering why we have named you 'Panop'. Well, my name is Panu (it means the 'Sun') and your mother's name is Suriyaporn (Blessing from the Sun), and Panop also means 'Sun' (you don't have to be a Mastermind to work out the connection :)

IMG_1498 I have never thought that I could be so much into 'Shit', really... I mean you being our first and everything, so it was natural to be just a little paranoid (especially the first week). Even now more than a month later, I have to take a look at your poo every time! Just in case you were thinking your parents are totally insane, your 'poo' can tell us so much on your well being (just surf the net).

Your mum have decided to call it (your number 2) 'treasure' because of the colour (definitely not the texture :). The treasures that we keep finding is getting bigger and bigger every day, we had to get a larger diaper not because of your waist size, but the size of your morning load... haa haa haa haa (I wonder if there is a entry in Guinness Book of World Record). 



Saturday, June 14, 2008


We've been so busy of late, and didn't have the time to write to you. Sorry for this belated welcome, by the way your name is Panop (here in Thailand it is customary to also have a nick name, and yours is Matt).

The story of your arrival would make a great Hollywood (well, perhaps more like Bollywood) story, the doctor mentioned that you should be arriving on the 13th of May, but on the 4th at around 11pm your mother started having contractions, not strong but we decided to call the hospital, they said we should come in for a check up (as there were some bleeding), so off we went (luckily we had only packed an hour before).

Anyhow, to cut the story short, the nurse at the hospital called your doctor (his name is Adinun), that must have been around midnight. To our surprise the doc. said that he was coming in to take you out! You should have seen our faces, I mean we were physically ready (we have already bought all the things that you would need) but mentally we (well probably only me) weren't mentally ready... and he was coming in!

IMG_1409 You screamed at around 2.14 am on the 5th of May, the birth queue was pretty bad, as it was a good day (it's a Chinese thing), you were the second to be born at the hospital on that day.

I know the pic. isn't really flattering, but to us you were fantastic, you should have seen your mother's smile (and mine too, although I was in shock, we have a VDO to show you as well, but don't tell the doc. it is forbidden to take VDO in the operating theatre).

So you are now just one month old, and I have so many stories to tell you, I'll leave that for next time, just to say it hadn't been easy (but a  superb experience and a total joy).

You are now as sleep... so is your mother... then only time I get to write is when you are both as sleep... and that isn't very often silly boy :)