Sunday, February 28, 2010

Restless Nights…

I know lately people are noticing weird weather all around the world, recently several earthquakes had hit several cities with disastrous and devastating results. For Bangkok, from my personal point of view, we don’t have a season that one could be call ‘winter’, and again from my very scattered memory the best cold (cool would actually be more appropriate) spell we’ve had lasts for about 7-10 days.

I would say this year’s winter to be one of the worst, not in a sense that it was too cold, where as this year several western countries are under a tight snowy grip, for Bangkok I think we had 3 days of cooler days, and that was it! Living in a so called hot country I sincerely look forward to a few days of cooler spell, especially days where we don’t have to turn on the air conditioning…

We are at the end of February, and right now some countries are facing their worst winter ever, I am on the other hand sitting in a room with the air con. on full pelt. I am actually blaming this unseasonal hot weather as a cause for you catching your cold, with a blocked up nose you are having such a difficult time sleeping. I can’t even take you outside because it is so darn hot.

Giving you your medicine is such a nightmare, I am now resorting to putting the medicine in your milk and it seems to be working, at this moment you are sleeping (really well for the first time in several days), lets hope your cold clear up soon.

Love you.


Thursday, February 4, 2010

May be next time :)


We should really get you a proper hair cut one of these days, for your entire life (that sounds so dramatic, when in fact it had only been just a little over a year and a half year), it was my mother who took charge of your very stylish haircut :)

So many strangers just smiled when they saw you, even your swimming teacher made a joke about it :)

Personally I am so afraid that if we take you to a proper barber, he/she will cut off your ear because there is no way you’ll sit still :)