Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Looking back… I am here…

Dear Matt and Mar,

I am here, don’t worry, I’ll always be only a step behind :-)

Looking back-06321

Having fun… lol.

Dear Matt and Mar,

As you can expect, I have been walking around (very) snap happy with the TG-3, and to be honest, at first all the photos looked great on the LCD screen at the back of the camera (as they always do, lol), the jpegs were tack sharp, the colours representation were fantastic, the skin tone looks fine and all the other, exposure, detail, WB and etc. were pretty much spot on… but that was viewed on the screen, then tonight they were loaded into lightroom… lets just say dreams were shattered… haa haa haa, oh, only kidding :-)

For a camera that goes 15 m (or around that) underwater and can stand a 2 m drop (or around that) the jpegs were more than passable, I can not wait to get a few shots of you two diving under water…


The photos above were taken this morning, and ‘yes’ you two are always this jolly in the morning… sometimes annoyingly so… haa haa haa. Sorry for the somewhat awkward crop, the toilet was just to the right, somehow it just looked too unappealing, haa haa haa.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Ready for Half Term... lol

Dear Matt and Mar,

Half term is upon us, and we are off to see uncle Chat once again. There is a new huge water-park that had just opened in Pattaya, and I know that you two are very much looking forward to that, I hope it won't be too busy though.

I know that Mar will get a kick on seeing the dogs again, haa haa haa. Anyway, it was time to make the jump and get an underwater camera, lugging a huge cam around on the beach and leaving it on the deckchair has always been a little nerve wrecking... haa haa haa.

For a point and shoot is was quite dear, but considering the functionality I think it was alright, even your mother is looking forward to use it under water, lol. Now all I have to find is a swimming trunks with a huge pocket... lol.

Friday, October 17, 2014

One Long Slog… haa haa haa

Paul Thailand-Dear Matt and Mar,

My memory is like a sieve at the moment, but I think I’d returned to True in August of 2013, so it has been around 14 months up to now… and it has been one long slog for the team, but as of October 15th, we’d managed to give birth to Paul Bakery Restaurant - Thailand, haa haa haa.

Not enough thank you can be offered to the team, to True, to CP as well as to all of our partners and outsource, the whole project from the signature to 1st dish served was slightly less than 11 months.

This is only the beginning, one can have the most beautiful kite, but without the right skill and focus and dedication (plus a little bit of luck) a kite is just a piece paper on a couple of sticks, instead of a majestic almost magical flying thing, haa haa haa. So our attention turns to operations, and so far the team has been fantastic, the only real hiccup we had was due to the POS system, unluckily this is also the heart of the operation… haa haa haa, but things are improving… one day it will be as smooth as both of your bottoms, lol.

During the 11 months, it was like building a huge ship in the dock on dry land and under cover, it was hard work and nerve wrecking but it was straight forward (somewhat), now the ship has been put to sea and it has been battered with wave after wave, bad weather as well as sunny sky will be undoubtedly take turn, but I think we have the right crew to take us through thick or thin… this is only the beginning :-) Ahoy here we come… haa haa haa.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Singing Shark, lol.

Dear Matt and Mar,

It would be nice if once in a while Matt would tell us what is going on at School... haa haa haa. I knew there will be some kind of a show at the end of this term, and that was simply because I am a fly on the wall in the class’s Line Group (the mums in Matt’s class have been discussing this). To my knowledge, the costumes have been designed and are now under production.

But what Matt have failed to inform us was that he had been chosen to sing solo... and wearing a shark suit... and you know how we found out???

We only found out because we saw this in the Line Group... haa haa haa haa haa. Last time, Matt was the main character as Humpty Dumpty and for another show he was one of the main narrator... for those two shows your mother made you (and I) practice every night for months! haa haa haa. I can still hear her saying... “You two should take this more seriously... Matt say your lines with more emotion and passion... Pa stop messing around... and etc...” haa haa haa.

Now it’s singing solo... wow I am guessing I’ll have to learn the lines with Matt again... haa haa haa, don’t worry I’ll do my best... haa haa haa.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Weekend Snaps

Putthamonthon-06661Dear Matt and Mar,

What an interesting weekend, we went through our normal routine for this past Saturday, Matt went off with your mother for his and her Golf, I accompanied Mar to her Brain School activity. I’d noticed that Mar was a little off her usual ‘Miss Sunshine’ self.

On our drive back, Mar was quite quiet, I’d assumed that she was engrossed with the cartoon on TV. Your mother was late in getting back home than usual, later found out that she was shopping for some golf stuff, so by the time she and Matt got back it was almost time to leave again.

Cutting the long story short, on our drive to lunch and Matt’s Piano lesson, your mother discovered that Mar was a little warm... So naturally lunch was difficult, it was obvious that Mar had no appetite, and that is never a good sign for Mar (haa haa haa).

After lunch and Piano, by then Mar’s skin was burning to the touch, so we did a quick detour to the Hospital, your mother and Mar went to the Doc. while Matt and I drove on and headed off to Matt’s Thai lesson.

Stomach flu was the diagnostic, at least she was not vomiting this time round, lol. Early to bed for everyone, and I was expecting a very quiet and difficult Sunday...


Putthamonthon-06666As it turned out Mar was back to her bouncy-self very, very, very early Sunday morning, haa haa haa haa haa. So we decided to the execute the Phutthamonthon plan. For the past couple of weeks your grandmother wanted to go to this restaurant quite a way out of the city and as it was on the way to Phutthamonthon I’d thought it was a good idea to visit the park after lunch.

Lunch ran a little long, but there were still plenty of time, it was great to have been able to spend most of the day with my parents and my aunt, our lives seems to be running in different directions most of the time these days, haa haa haa.



Mar at Putthamonthon


Mar and Agong

Matt and Mar at Putthamonthon[3]

Rough a couple of days... :-)

Dear Matt and Mar,

What a rough couple of days we are having, yesterday around lunch time your mother received a call from Matt’s school, Matt had a small accident and his arm was really hurting. So your mother went to pick up Matt and headed to the hospital, a couple of hours later Mar also had her usual appointment at the same hospital too.

Once I got back home Matt’s arm was in a sling and I could see it was really bothering him but he was still his energetic self. The night was quite troublesome, Matt was in some pain and needed extra pain killer to calm down the pain.

This morning, everything was normal, Matt was a bit groggy, but we discovered that Mar was now in pain when she goes for her number one, she was in so much pain that she was screaming and crying.

We saw some red marks in Mar’s nappy, so we assumed that the infection was back, which just killed me inside. The best way to overcome this was to give Mar plenty of water, and that we did. The second time Mar went, she was still in pain but it was slightly better.

On the way to the hospital Mar did her number one again, but this time she was fine, so the doctor said just to keep Mar really hydrated and if she is in pain again we were to come back to the hospital.

Literally an hour ago I received a call from Matt’s school, apparently his temperature was just a little over 38, and that is pretty hot. Your aunt is now on her way to pick up  Matt, and I am trying to clear everything to be home soon.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sharada Sharada Navaratri Festival Sathorn road Bangkok

Dear Matt and Mar,

To say I don’t know much about the Sharada Sharada Navaratri Festival would be a hugely overt exaggeration. I am still trying to read up on it now, lol.

The celebration is literally 3 minutes walk away from our apartment, and each year I  am just an admirer from afar, well today Mar was feeling a little under the weather (stomach flu) so tonight she was out as soon as her head touched the soft pillow, and the same goes for Matt (too much running totally worn him out).

Sneaking out felt somewhat like sneaking out from boarding school, but in stead of going down to the pub, it was a Holy Hindu Festival instead and totally much more worthwhile for it too… :-)

Hindu Festival Page 001

Managed to get a few shots, but I should have been on the road rather than on the footpath… While I was walking to the festival I was a little miffed because some people (with orange vests) were ushering me to get off the overpass bridge… not realising that the festival was about to start and to have someone standing over the procession was not a thing to do, now I know better :-)

The atmosphere was electric, I wished you all were there, I shall definitely put it in my calendar for next year, lol. Actually come to think of it, it is very unlikely that we’ll somehow forgot about this, because as I am typing away I can hear every syllables of every words of the music that is blaring away… lol.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Another David... should be interesting...

Dear Matt and Mar,

Base on the current standing, I can only assume it will be 'facebook' that you'll be using in just a few years... unless this new 'David' follows through and slain the almighty 'Goliath', but unlike in the legend, it will take years to fall this humongous giant.

I would recommend you listen to Malcolm Gladwell: The unheard story of David and Goliath, according to this talk Goliath didn't have a chance... haa haa haa, the shepherd boy was the dangerous one...

I remember another David, I am going to call him David the Diaspora (lol), of course when the opportunity came I'd signed on as fast as I could, the same for Google+ and now the same for this latest David.

The latest David is David the Ello... I have just submitted my request to join, hopefully they'll let me in, haa haa haa.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Coping with the Change… :-)

Weekend Snaps-06555Dear Matt and Mar,

Your mother has been back to work now for a couple of months, and it has been a real challenge for her, of course this wasn’t such a  surprise, things bound to get a little rusty if you’ve been away from anything for five years or so. On the brighter side, things are getting easier for her day by day.

Again, not surprisingly she has been travelling a lot lately, the longest being 4 days away to Singapore and Bali (lucky for some), but with the help from your Aunt we’d managed it pretty well (patting ourselves on our back loudly, haa haa haa).

On a positive note your mother’s office will move even closer to our home, and that is such a huge plus, in fact it is so close she’ll be walking to work every morning... :-)

This picture was taken late afternoon last Sunday, your mother had spent most of the day interviewing potential air stewardesses, that was why she was wearing way too ‘proper’ clothes while the rest of us looks like hobos… haa haa haa.

It was a fantastic afternoon, Matt was moaning at the beginning and really wanted to go home, to the point that he’d started walking by himself towards the car, lol.

We must have bought six or seven huge bags of bread cuttings, all but one bag went to the fish, the one remaining went to the birds… if we didn’t feed the birds I am convince Mar would still be in the part right now (3 days later) huffing and pouting until we fed the birds… lol.

Snappy-Changing topic slightly, haa haa haa, I think on Thursday morning, Mar’s first lesson at school is swimming, so what many kids do was to leave the house in their swimming costume, lol. Eventually we did the same, haa haa haa haa haa. In the morning I would take Matt to SHB and your mother and Aunt would take Mar to Noddy, I would have given anything to be there each time Mar wore this to school, lol.

Mar had been asked to come into SHB next week for her interview, hopefully she will make it into SHB just like Matt :-)