Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Chinese New Year 2015

Dear Matt and Mar,

This year Chinese New Year came early, not exactly sure how it is calculated, it just seems a very early this year, not that I am complaining, lol. So this post is just a tad late, haa haa haa, CNY was back in mid Feb and now it will be April in a few days, haa haa haa.

CNY 2015-09163Of course I took a day off work, less and less companies are giving a day off for the Chinese New Year, however that is understandable, this being in Thailand we do enjoy 3 New Years, Universal New Year, Chinese New Year and Thai New Year (respectively). But the major one is the Thai New Year, Songkran festival.

So our small family gathered at my parents house for a huge lunch, your mother was busy but somehow she managed to find time to join, lol. All the credits must go to my mother who virtually cooked enough food for five armies and their families, haa haa haa.

You two always look forward in coming to my parents, apart being spoilt rotten this time you are getting the Ung-Pao too (Chinese tradition where the elders give the younger members of the family money in red/pink envelope).

Our family seems to be getting more fractured, not emotionally but physically. In the past, it was my grand parents (mother’s side), they were like ‘glue’, can’t really think of a better word. They had 4 children (my mother was the youngest) and of course all 4 children has family of their own. So at New Year all would gather at my grand parents, and it was quite fun, now that they are no longer here each of the four children tends to remain within themselves, I can’t even remember the last time I saw my cousin, may be it is time to change all that, lol.

So are you wondering how much Ung-Pao you got this year… haa haa haa, I’d say ‘too much’… haa haa haa.

Monday, March 23, 2015

What a Saturday (Sports Day and a Show), lol.

Dear Matt and Mar,

What a Saturday we’ve just had (28.02.2015), I was supposed to be up at 05:00, but instead I woke up at 06:30... oh dear... the main reason for needing to be up so early was because of Mar needing to be at SHB’s field no later than 07:30, for today was Mar’s Sports Day (Noddy).

Luckily breakfast was already prepared, my main job for the morning was to make sure you had your milk, showered and dressed, and of course that was done in record time, although you two were quite puzzled why we were in such a rush, of course during all that time your mother was making herself pretty (not much work needed in my personal opinion... haa haa haa).

Page 1 Mar's Sports Day

Page 2 Mar's Sports Day

Anyway, it was already 07:25 when we were all in the van, breakfast in the van was always an event, haa haa haa, luckily no one sneezed this time (just imagine a mouth stuffed full of food follow by a fully tornado of a sneeze, lol). Saturday’s morning traffic was almost non existence, and we arrived at SHB in no time. We could see all the kids were still roaming around and the start of Mar’s Sports day was at least 20 more minutes away.

Page 3 Mar's Sports Day

We took our time to continue your breakfast, then it was time to move the troop, the sun was quickly raising and I’d just hope the whole thing would be over by eleven, the day was still full of things to do.

I’ll let the photos explain the event, but Mar and Matt were superb, Matt ended up being a coach, a baby sitter and even helped out with the event, lol. Mar was so determined, but as the day wore one she was becoming more and more groggy, which ended up with a full blown water-works, haa haa haa. Overall it was a grand and very close event, sadly the Green didn’t win. q1a

Mar was over the moon with the medal, and so were we, lol. We’d left the event as soon as we could, needed to rush back for a quick shower then lunch, because next on the card was Matt’s piano lesson but today was going to be slightly different, Matt was on the card to be a part of the show. Nothing too spectacular, just a private concert at the school. He had been practicing all week and it showed, we were so very happy for Matt :-)

Mar's Sports Day-09418

Again we were off, this time driving halfway across Bangkok to Matt’s Thai class and Mar’s art class... the best thing about these classes is the hour your mother and I have to ourselves, haa haa haa haa haa.

It was a fantastic day...

Mar's Sports Day-09415

Monday, February 23, 2015

Shark Teeth

Shark Tooth
Dear Matt and Mar,

This morning (22.01.15) your mother told me that Matt’s real tooth was growing behind one of his bottom milk tooth, I thought she was having me on... until Matt ran over and shown me his teeth... he said he has shark tooth... as it turned out, that is the proper unofficial name for it.

Of course I was panicking (I always panic, haa haa haa), Matt’s bottom tooth have been quite loose for a few days now, but I’d never expected to see this.

The official name of it is ‘lingually erupting mandibular incisors’ or ‘shark teeth’, it happens to about 10% of young children and mostly on their bottom front teeth, and that is exactly what Matt has, I am going to follow what I've read and will leave it for a few days to see how it develops.

It does look awesome though :-), although it doesn't make Matt eat any faster... haa haa haa.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Coffee, Cakes and Cats, lol.

Cats and Coffee-09144Dear Matt and Mar,

Mar and I go to The Up (small community mall) every Saturday morning for her Brain School, whilst Matt and Gio goes to the driving range. After Mar’s class we always pop into the supermarket to pick up a small bar of chocolate for Mar and a lollipop for Matt (Mar never forgets getting the lollipop and get quite upset if I don’t buy it, haa haa haa).

Opposite the supermarket is this cafe call Cat Up Cafe, through the windows I can see several cats lounging around, together with the name you didn’t need to be Sherlock to assume that it was one of those theme cafe. Mar was dying to go in, but it doesn’t open till noon so we never had the chance to pay it a visit, that was until last weekend.

Saturday is always a  full day, Brain School, Golf, Piano and Thai lesson pretty much fills the whole day, but last Saturday we rushed from Matt’s Thai lesson to The Up just to visit the Cat Cafe, would you believe there was a queue waiting to get in? haa haa haa.

I knew it was trouble once I’d set foot through door, because it was going to be easier to put ten elephants into a Robin Reliant than getting either Matt or Mar to leave this place, and it closes at 22:00, which I have no plan to stay that late.

We’d ended up coming here both on a Saturday (with your mother) and the following Sunday (alone with me after a full day of activity, I was running out of ideas so we ended up here (you two wouldn’t have it any other way)), getting Mar to leave on Saturday was almost nigh on impossible, Sunday was a bit easier… lol.

All in all I quite like the place, but seeing a cat sleeping on a sofa, stirred, woken up and puked all over the chair did tarnish the whole experience some what, but of course you two didn’t care one bit, lol.


Cats and Coffee page


Cats and Coffee page

Seeing 1865 :-)

Siam 1865-08763Dear Matt and Mar,

A week following the fun trip to Rayong, I got wind of a photo exhibition (probably via Facebook) of a photographer named John Thomson, the photographs were taken during 1865 - 1866 of various scenes around Bangkok.

I am passionately into photography, and to the chance to see these photographs was a chance I can not miss, on a whim I’d also told my mother (who is passionate about history) and another blue moon had just occurred, lol, we decided to visit the Bangkok National Gallery together.

It turned out to be another fantastic day, there were about 60 photos on display, to see the old landmarks, community, people and the overall ambience of Bangkok during the end of King Rama 4’s reign was amazing to say the least.

Of course you two were more interested in running around the grounds (outside), but that was fine, the rest of the team had a really good morning, my father ended up buying the book of the exhibition and I bought a few postcards for keepsakes.

I’d kept going back to my mother for in depth explanation of this and that, nice to have a walking encyclopedia along side, lol. Will certainly keep an ear to the ground for exhibitions like this, lol.


Siam 1865 page


Siam 1865 page 5


Siam 1865 page 4


Siam 1865-08807

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Breaking the Pig :-)

Breaking the pig-08332-EditDear Matt and Mar,

“Papa can I borrow your hammer?”, my initial reaction was, ‘of course baby, when a team of purple hogs flies over a piece of frozen hell all covered in 4 leaf golden clovers, then you can borrow my hammer’.

The reason was a simple one, your piggy bank (more like a bamboo bank)  was full and you two  needed a hammer to break it open, lol. Your mother is now talking about taking you to the bank to open a bank account... this should be fun, lol.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

All Clear :-)

Scanning Room
Dear Matt and Mar,

Yesterday (10.02.2015) was just another working day, until your mother messaged me, ‘Mar has to go to hospital tonight na’... then a wave of dreaded feelings rushed through me. About a year ago Mar suffered from a continuous bout of high temperature, one directly after another. The cause of the high temperature was an infection, a urinary infection.

The doctor was concern because a child this young do not hold their number one, they usually just let it rip when it is time to go (haa haa haa haa haa), so further tests were done, and that was when they discovered the stones in Mar’s kidney.

They even went as far as starting discussions on surgery procedures... however the surgeon decided to give it time because he didn't want to operate on a child this young, especially for kidney stones.

So during this past year, we made sure Mar drinks lots and lots of water (liquid), the doctor said about a litre a day, I think with juice, water and etc we were pretty much close to the target.

Initially a year ago, I went a little crazy, must have ready up on all journals on kidney stones in children and how to treat them, well after a while, after consuming all the information I began to calm down, as all we could do was to give it time. Give it time to see if the stones grow or (slim chance) will it simply just disappear.

So I knocked off work early, rushed to the hospital to the sound of Mar singing... you were happy, lol. The first attempt at the ultrasound was a complete failure, haa haa haa, apparently not enough water in your bladder.

After drinking a huge glass of water, the second time to the ultrasound room was a great success, Mar did everything to the letter of the doctor’s instructions, lol. The doctor had several screens in front of her, a couple were showing the scan from a year ago, and the live monitor directly in front, was now showing the scan of Mar’s little belly.

You could see that the doctor was a little puzzled, angling Mar this way and that, twisting the scanner left and right, all with no avail. She just couldn't find the stones that were there a year ago... Of course there was a very slim chance that it could have disappeared, but I didn't think we were going to be that lucky.

But we were, after a long while and after scanning other parts, she simply turned around and said she just couldn't find it, it was like lifting a huge mountain from our very chests.

We’ll continue to make sure that Mar has plenty of fluid, but we couldn't have asked for a better result, what a fantastic way to end the day.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Matt’s Sports Day

2015 Sports Day-08984Dear Matt and Mar,

What a day, of course I had to take the morning off, how could I miss the yearly gathering of nothing but mayhem and laughter, lol. When I was at boarding school sports day was taken extremely seriously... fun and lots of laugh, but very serious nonetheless.

I guess you are still quite young, so it was more of a lark than a competition, Matt continued the traditional of trying to be the class clown, losing his shoes at every opportunity possible. You were especially proud of losing both shoes during the sprint race, next time I am going to superglue them to your feet, lol.







2015 Sports Day-09013

Sports Day Page 1

Sports Day Page 2

The Great Water Bottle Hunt, lol.

Dear Matt and Mar,

Matt,  how I love our weekly water bottle hunt! There is nothing like coming home in the evening to find out that you have once again misplaced your water bottle, the game is afoot.

HandwritingWhat follows is of course nothing short of a Spanish inquisition, and the first question is always "do you remember the last time you took a swig from the bottle?" and the answer is always consistently "no", follows by "I think..." then a list of a billion places would spew out in non chronological order.

Last night Spanish inquisition went poorly, haa haa haa. I even took out my phone, fired up Evernote and drew out the plan of Matt’s school, it was a mistake to have given you the stylus, lol.

So you took the bottle out for your PE lesson, which took place in 3 different places, the front field, the front courtyard and the side courtyard, before that Matt had a choir activity which took place in the upstairs music room, to which he assured me that he definitely did not leave it there.

So looking in 3 fields can not be that bad... it was bad, the morning was hot and extremely busy with parents and children arriving before the opening of school, and no it was not there...

The next logical place I’d visited was the lost and found... it only make sense for good samaritan to pick up the bottle and take it to the lost and found, for I was sure no one would ever take the bottle home considering the state of the bottle, lol.

Once again it was a blank, there were around ten or so water bottles in the lost and found, but none were tatty enough to be Matt’s, haa haa haa. So where next? With sod’s law in mind, I headed to the place where Matt assured me 100% that he did not leave it there, the music room.

Without even being close to the music room, through the glass pane window I could see one blue water bottle leaning against the window... Once again I came out triumphant, once again I won... well played Matt, GG, lol.