Thursday, June 30, 2016

Fun Run 2016

Dear Matt and Mar,

This year’s fun run crept up rather quietly, well not really, there were huge booth selling the fun run t-shirts, haa haa haa, but I’d left it to the very minute before realising I need to buy a shirt for you and Mar, lol.

Fun Run-09014


Every year your mother would join the run, but with her new job she couldn’t run with you this year. So your aunt stepped in, running with Mar in the morning and cheered for Matt in the afternoon. Turned out to be a fantastic fun day :-)


Another thing that surprised us quite a bit, was Matt coming in 4th in his aquathon time trial, to be very honest, I was over the moon to see the effort Matt had put in, to achieve this, and he had promised to improve on the next trial too :-)

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Kuala Lumpur, Day Five: Going Home :-)

001Dear Matt and Mar,

Finally time to go home, and both of you have already mentioned that you would like to come back, and soon, haa haa haa.

I didn’t expect this trip to be this great, but it had turned out to be super fun, the Sunway Lagoon was superb, but we were told by our Uber driver that we should try the seaside for our next trip.

Another thing about this trip was the taxi, it was super expensive, for a similar trip in Thailand it would have cost less than half. We’ve used all type of taxis, the Red & White ones were older than the ten commandments tablets, the Blue Taxis (so called executive taxis) were more than expensive than sending Space Shuttle to Pluto.

The best option by far was Uber, better, cheaper and more professional, but one has to be careful though, there has been some altercations between Taxi and Uber, in one case a taxi driver stopped an Uber and asked the customer to get out of the taxi. I think for the next trip we are going to go 100% Uber, lol.

I think we are definitely going to come back to KL, there are a few things that I would like to do, high up on the list would be to visit Petronas Twin Towers, Islamic Arts Museum, National Mosque of Malaysia and National Museum.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Kuala Lumpur, Day Four: At last :-)


I had made the conscious decision to visit Sunway Lagoon on the Monday, hoping to avoid the weekend rush, but as this was already the school holiday, we were faced with a huge waiting crowd at the entrance, lol.

Actually it was not that bad, took less than five minutes to get the tickets, and another ten minutes to hire a pram (a fantastic idea from your mother). I did make the wrong decision though, decided to hire a locker from the very first set of lockers we’d come across, definitely the wrong decision, there were several set of lockers dotted around the waterpark, which were less crowded and more importantly, closer to the main attractions.

Matt was a bit miffed at first, as he wanted to jump into the first pool he saw, but I wanted to walk all the way to the back and start the day at the destination he had always wanted to visit, Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon park (part of the attraction is Spongebob).

Matt was sulking all the way, lol, I must admit, it was a rather long walk (it would have been shorter if I had taken another route, sorry). So after pushing and pulling (verbally, lol) we all arrived at the place where Matt and Mar had been pining for the past few months! And it was glorious, much better than on the television.


After a few splashes in the Spongebob pool, Matt was back to himself, lol. Mar was having a great time as well, to tell you the truth I think I and the most fun of all. After Spongebob, we went to the other attractions in the Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon zone, and it was brilliant, unfortunately Mar was to small to go on these slides, and your mother was too chicken to try them, haa haa haa.


So it was just Matt and I who went on all the slides, the various slides (with different snake’s names) was superb, but the walk up was a little trying, especially when I had to carry a huge (double-seater) inflatable thingy, but it was all worthwhile, seeing Matt’s smiling face. Mar on the other hand was having a great time eating ice-cream and listening to Matt and I scream down the slides, haa haa haa.

After a long while (well, after Mar had finished her ice-cream), we all set off to the main huge pool, don’t know if we can call it a pool, more like an artificial sea, haa haa haa. You two had a great time, even more than the slides.


In a blink of an eye it was lunch time, so off to Burger King I went, much to your cheers and screams, haa haa haa. After lunch, Matt wanted to got back to the Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon’s slides. However on the way there, we came across this mega water slide where all of us could go down together!

After a while Mar was a little bored and wanted to get back to the ‘sea’, so we made a split, Mar and Mama went back to the sea, whilst Matt and I went back to Spongebob, and this is where I was kicking myself. At 16:00 there was a show at the Spongebob pool, and they had to choose one participant from a bunch of screaming kids, and guess what... Matt was picked, and I had left the camera with your mother!

Matt was superb, after a short dance, hitting the gong to release a huge, huge, huge bucket of slime from about 8 metres up, on absolutely everyone on the ground!


Then it was time to go back to Mar and Mama, and after a time it was time to go home, not before we walked past another set of pool (with super loud music), of course we had to stop and take another dip, haa haa haa. Logistically organising the shower was a bit of a nightmare, haa haa haa haa, but we did manage it without much stress :-)

006In the end we left Sunway at closing time, haa haa haa, but instead of going home, we’d decided to take supper in the huge shopping mall next door, Sunway Pyramid. After you two took part in the ‘Finding Dory’ activities, your mother set out to find ‘Nandos’, we’ve always wanted to try it... as it turned out it was only a short walk away :-) and it was superb, I wonder why no one had bring it into Thailand yet, perfectly cooked chicken with an endless mix of hot sauces would be perfect for Thailand :-)

Instead of calling for Uber, I’d decided to jump into the the first taxi I saw, and it was yet another very old and manky white and red taxi (which is actually more expensive the Uber). You won’t be surprise to hear to that you two were in dreamland when we’d reached the hotel... what a perfect end to a perfect day. By the way I didn’t take too many photos because I’d decided only to take the TG3 with me :-)

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Kuala Lumpur, Day Three: To the Aviary

001Dear Matt and Mar,

Day three’s plan was to be much less trying than yesterday, after breakfast we headed to KL Bird Park, definitely a fun day out for families with young children, again I was a bit apprehensive in putting this on our agenda. Seeing some wonderful birds in small cages didn’t feel quite right to me, although the ones that were left out and could freely roam around the entire grounds looked so much happier.

It was pretty impressive, well for me anyway, simply could be because this was the first time I’ve ever been in this kind of aviary, it was huge. Walking the whole grounds, with a couple of ice cream break and a show, it was almost two by the time we’d thought about lunch, lol.



To save time lunch was taken at the park’s restaurant (Hornbill Restaurant), and no Hornbill was not on the menu, lol. Having birds watching you two digging into fried chicken felt wrong to me, haa haa haa, anyway, apart from the dodgy tuna salad (which we’d sent back and got it cancelled) it was lovely.



You two were as fresh as morning dew, so off we went to the second thing on our agenda. There was no way we could have come to KL without visiting the famous landmark, Petronas Twin Towers. Now, who was to know that there was a quota on tickets sold per day! We were there late so all the tickets had already been sold out!

Luckily my friend (Uncle John) suggested we walk across the road to Avenue Mall, our target was ‘Break out’ a kind of a puzzle maze that he thought Matt would enjoy, lol. Well, Matt took one look at the entrance and absolutely refused to even give it a try, haa haa haa haa, it does felt like a haunted house, lol.


However, next door to that was an indoor playground, with time to kill before supper with uncle John and his wife aunt Tutti, we thought why not. As it turned out you two had a fantastic time, making new friends as soon as you walked into the playground, it was amazing to see you playing and laughing with new friends that quickly.

After saying goodbye to your new friends (and giving them my email, lol) we took a taxi back to the hotel where uncle John would pick us up for supper. I have not seen John for over 3 years, uncle John and I go back a very long way, since the boarding school days, all of us were (and still are) like brothers, all 9 of us.

During supper Mar felt asleep, haa haa haa, more carrying for me :-)

KL Day 3-08836

KL Day 3-08861

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Kuala Lumpur, Day Two: My Worst Enemy

KL Day 2 Moving outDear Matt and Mar,

Now that I’ve just finished ‘Borderlands 2’, time to get back to writing posts for the blog, haa haa haa. That is until ‘Rise of the Tomb Raider’ comes out on the PS4 :-)

We were supposed to be up at the crack of dawn on our first full day in KL, lol, as it turned out it was almost ten by the time we left the hotel, lol. I wanted to leave early because today we were going to Batu Caves, Hindu shrines hidden in enormous caves to the north of KL, I was trying to avoid the midday sun thus the plan to leave early.

With hindsight we should have gone by taxi, but of course trying to be adventurous we took the trains instead, an hour later, lol, we arrived at Batu Caves. Despite the heat and the mass of people, it was definitely worth it.

From the train station’s exit, we arrived at the first cave (Ramayana Cave) which depicts some of the Hindu religious tales through the use of, quite well done figurines, at the top of the short but extremely steep stairs sits a huge stalagmite.


KL Day 2 Ramayana Cave

KL Day 2 Ramayana Cave 2

At first I thought that this cave was it, until I saw a mass of people walking in unison to the far side of the footpath, so we followed... and came to the highlight of Batu Caves, lol, and just like Po, I have once again come face to face with my worst and most feared enemy... stairs, lol.

KL Day 2 Stairs

Mar was complaining quite a bit about the smell, lol, but soon got over the it, on the other hand Matt was just pining for cold water and ice cream, it was boiling. Before making our move up the 272 steps, I’d turned and asked if you two wanted to go to the top... unfortunately you two didn’t say ‘no’, haa haa haa.

About halfway up, Mar was visibly tired, so there was nothing else to do but for me to carry Mar up the remaining steps, actually Mar provide a nice balance to the heavy rucksack on my back, but my legs were nothing but wobbly jelly once we’d reached the 272nd steps.

KL Day 2 Into the Caves

KL Day 2 Going home

We stood at the entrance to this huge cave, 40 metres in, there there more steps leading to a higher plain, of course we’d come too far not to go all the way (well I did) lol. We’d spent so much time and energy at Batu Caves we’d decided to cancel the afternoon trip to Chinatown, and instead headed back to the hotel, but instead of taking the two trains, we took a train then a taxi.

KL Day 2-08752There should be no surprise that you two had fallen asleep in the taxi, it had been quite a trying morning, by the time you two woke up it was time for supper, which was taken at The Pavilion Mall, by chance there was a huge Ninja Turtles event there… who were we to say no to you two :-)

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Kuala Lumpur, Day One: Here at last

Leaving for KLDear Matt and Mar,

This overseas trip wasn’t even on the card until your mother had made a very important point, your mother will be starting her new Job in June, meaning she won’t be able to take any leave for the next three months, so we started making plan for Kuala Lumpur trip.

Matt has been wanting to visit Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon for the longest time, so for his BD’s present we decided to make the trip, I was struggling a bit to find things to do in KL for you two, as there was no way we were going to spend the whole holiday in Sunway Lagoon, lol.

One of the thing I wanted to do was to catch up with John, an old friend from boarding school, apart from that all was open, haa haa haa. We arrived on the Friday (27th of May), unlike the trip to HK, we’ve decided to catch an earlier flight, so at least we’ll have half day to find something fun to do, and we did, lol.

Arriving in KL

After the labourious plane, taxi and checking in, we found ourselves on the street of KL at around 15:00. The plan for this half day was to visit a huge indoor theme park, not too far from the hotel at Berjaya shopping mall. The monorail was a laugh, but rather small though.

Berjaya 1

I was expecting the theme park to be overflowing with kids, as this was the beginning of school holiday, guess what... I was completely, absolutely wrong, lol. The theme park splits between two floors, 5th for grownups and 7th for children, it wasn’t the swankiest of theme park, but a perfect place to keep you two happy for a few hours.

Berjaya 2

Berjaya 3

The roller coaster was great, you two were too small for it and your mother absolutely refused to get on. I was a bit apprehensive at first, but a full roller coaster in a shopping mall, how could I say no. The park was so empty, a few of us had to wait in the roller coaster train for several minutes before the the trickle of people started to fill up the train, but when it went, it was superb... haa haa haa.

A great start for the beginning of the holiday, lol.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Phase One :-)


So a few months ago we’ve ticked the ‘ride a bike’ off Matt’s to do list, so to the next thing we go :-) Well, the finishing line is sub-aqua diving, but first thing first, snorkeling… of course there was nothing to it really, but clearing the snorkel after a dive can be quite tricky, the first try was a little bit hairy (coughing profusely), but after that was pretty much ‘Thai Airways… As smooth as silk’, lol.

The next thing to do now would be the fins :-)

Sunday, May 22, 2016

The May Party

page2Dear Matt and Mar,

Usually the cake at school, shared between your friends would be it, but this time one of the parents (and a close friend) suggested to throw a joint party for the 3 children whom were born in May, it was a fantastic idea. The destination was Rockin Jump, and the party was held this past Saturday :-) A billion words could not even begin to describe the fun you all had, haa haa haa. But the best surprise of the evening was when your class teacher turned up with his baby, all of you went from hyper to super hyper mode, haa haa haa.

Come to think of it, the last time we had a BD party was when Matt was 2 (or 3) haa haa haa, we could not say thank you enough for all the friends that had turned up, not to mention all of the amazing presents, lol, Matt was over the moon.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Matt is Eight :-)

MBD1Dear Matt and Mar,

Eight years old already? Happy birthday Matt, as always 5th of May is also a public holiday (Coronation Day) so we had plenty of time getting the cake for Matt to enjoy with his friends at school (no holiday for you, lol).

A few days earlier your mother asked Matt what kind of cake he wanted, without a thought ‘Sponge Bob cake’, haa haa haa. Matt’s class assistant teacher told us to come back just a little before one with the cake, so they can have a little celebration before the afternoon class. Your mother decided to go with cupcakes, the best option really.

Everything went like clockwork, Mar was picked up around half past twelve, we then hung around for a bit before it was time to move to Matt’s class. Before we reached the class we ran across a couple of Matt’s classmates, “Here come the Sponge Bob cake”, haa haa haa haa, sounded like Matt had been telling all of his friends about the cake... haa haa haa. As always, Matt didn’t eat his cupcake (he doesn’t like cakes), on the other hand some of his classmates and Mar stepped up and all the cupcakes (including a few spare) were gone faster than Pacman chomping down his dots.

I have never heard a birthday song sung like this, adding the section “how old are you now?” into the song was great, lol. As you can see below, it was a laugh! A couple of Matt’s friends also have their birthday in May, so the three families will get together and will now hold a joint party at ‘Rock n Jump’ this coming Saturday, can’t wait.

Happy Birthday Matt, can’t wait can’t wait to have all the fun with you and Mar this coming year… :-)

Friday, May 20, 2016

Playing ‘Dad’

Year 3 Assembly-08222Dear Matt and Mar,

A few weeks ago I found a play script inside Matt’s bag, I really do wish Matt would share more of all the things he was doing in school, lol. After some serious Spanish Inquisition, we’ve found out that for this coming Year 3’s assembly there was going to be a play, and Matt was playing the ‘Dad’, lol.

The play was to show the parents the topic of ‘persuasion’, as a gist, the play was about a family of four, with the two children trying to persuade their parents to go to Brazil for their holiday, haa haa haa.

By the time the Assembly arrives, Matt was more than ready for the play, reciting the lines was not my concern, but the acting... oh the acting... Matt was brilliant, not sure if he was channeling me a little (or a lot), this could be your best performance yet...  :-)