Thursday, September 3, 2015

She ain’t heavy…

She ain't heavy-01944Dear Matt and Mar,

All I can say is, ‘She ain’t heavy, she’s my sister’… lol.

Your mother now insists whenever you leave the house in the morning, there must be a quick photo opps. Of course Mar absolutely loves it… but Matt, now that he is ‘old’ at 7, finds it a little annoying… haa haa haa.

P.S. Love this pic, shame about the background though, lol.

Mother’s day 2015

Dear Matt and Mar,

Mother’s day in Thailand falls on the 12th of August, to coincide with the Queen’s birthday, and it is a huge celebration in Thailand, this year’s theme is ‘Bike for Mom’, the crown prince came out and lead around 40,000 bikers in Bangkok alone (a Guinness World Record).

Mother's day-01730Of course this is a public holiday, but your mother had to work so it was up to me to entertain you for the day… I took the easiest way out and took you two to see your grandparents, haa haa haa.

Also decided to take you two to one of my favourite temple, Wat Suthat, parking near the temple would have been impossible. I’d decided to take a tuk-tuk instead, so you can imagine all the laugh we had.


Mother's day-01745Mother's day-01741Mother's day-01752

The main temple was full to the brim, being the Queen’s Birthday as well as a public holiday, the best we could do is to pay our homage from the door, :-)

Mother's day-01755


Mother's day-01760Mother's day-01764Mother's day-01761

By the way this was the best Tuk-Tuk ever!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Final swim for a while…


Dear Matt and Mar,

Finally the pool is going to get some TLC, but I’d never thought they were going to totally re-tiled the whole pool… haa haa haa.

So that is why the pool will be closed for 2 months :-) It really does need some maintenance, the small tiles were coming off more and more each day, so here is to the final swim, see you again in 2 months :-)

Such fun :-)

Dreadful event

Dear Matt and Mar,

Sorry baby, it has been a while since my last post, there are so many things to write and post but not enough time :-)

I promise to catch up on the posts, but first of all I have to mention this to you, it is a weary time to be living in Bangkok at the moment, on the 17th of August a bomb went off in one of the most well known tourist destination in Bangkok (especially popular with tourists coming from the Asian countries), Erawan Shrine at Ratchaprasong Intersection.

Ratchaprasong was also one of the most heated spot during the riot several years back, there is an iconic photo of a statue (huge golden head) with Central World burning in the background.

AftermathIt was devastated to hear that there are someone with such hatred that they would kill innocent people. Many seems to think this bomb was strategically placed at the shrine to destroy Thailand’s tourist industry. There could have been so many more deaths and injured but the bomb exploded on Monday night, luckily due to the date and time, many of the street vendors were not there, and it was off peak for the worshipers.




The second bombing was a hand grenade that was thrown from a bridge onto one of the very busy pier on the Chao Phraya river, what shook me to the core was that, this is the pier that you two and your aunt take almost daily during term time.

After a few weeks, it seems like the police is getting on top of things, (I am not going to go into detail, you can always google it). 2 suspects has been detained, the reason behind the bombing seems to have stemmed from a few months back when the Thai government decided to deport a group (around 100) of Uighurs back to China rather than allowing them to move to Turkey (apparently this was done after verifying their citizenship, China had asked for all 300 back, and even earlier 170 Uighurs were allowed to move on to Turkey, again after verifying their citizenship).

So the bombing was to punish Thailand for sending those Uighurs back to China rather than letting them move to Turkey, do they think this bombing is going to help those remaining Uighurs that are still in Thailand?

For me, you should let people go where they wanted to go, unless they had done something terrible and were just trying to escape from it, for that I have no idea, but again China isn’t gleaming in their human rights department.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Hopping time :-)


Monkey and Me-01557Dear Matt and Mar,

Found a new place to hang, just to fill in the gaps when we have time to spare :-) Not really sure why I had waited so long before letting you two loose in this place, because Mar’s Brain School sits opposite this new play place (I am calling it a ‘Play Place’, simply because for some silly reasons I just can not recall the name, ‘Monkey & Me’ something… haa haa haa).

The great thing is, if one arrives early enough, before everyone else, I actually get to have a go on the trampolines, haa haa haa haa haa haa, hopping mad has a totally new and very positive meaning, haa haa haa.

Apart from the trampolines, there is also a library full of books (of course, lol) and board games, and a couple of little play areas with mock up kitchen and others. Best of all, they have quite a good kitchen and their espresso capability is quite surprisingly alright :-)

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Birds :-)


Dear Matt and Mar,

For about a second we were stump on what to do on this 4 days long weekend (Thu. – Sun.), unfortunately your mother couldn’t take leave on Friday, so we were looking at making several one day trips just to get out of BKK. First day we decided to go to Safari World, and I was so glad we went, we’ve been here a couple of times already, but it took our third visit to realised there was so much to do.

Just to warm up, lol, we spent about 20 minutes driving through the open zoo, some animals were in tip top shape, their coat were shiny and were full of energy, but some looked decisively terrible, at least those were in the minority. Hearing you two freaked out when we threatened to open the windows whilst driving through the (huge) tigers enclosure was more fun that I should admit, haa haa haa.

After the drive through (so to speak) we parked and went into the main attraction, there were five or six shows staggered throughout the day, by some miracles we managed to catch the ‘Stunt Show’, Matt loved it but Mar found it to be just a little too loud, lol.

Safari World Pano-

Then came my favourite, feeding the Giraffes... wow, I remembered the last time we were here none of the Giraffes were interested in eating, but this time round they couldn’t get enough, haa haa haa, and there was this one absolute giant of a specimen, it was so large that I was a little apprehensive even to go near it, but Mar didn’t seem to mind one bit, lol.

Safari World-01254

Safari World-01268

Safari World-01315

Safari World-01333

For lunch we had to walk all the way back to near the entrance, the only thing I can say for lunch is, it was a little pricy, haa haa haa. After lunch Matt had his heart set on seeing the ‘Spy Show’, but we had a few minutes to kill and on route we found this huge bird cage full of brilliantly colourful birds.

Safari World-01382Safari World-01414Safari World-01393

Safari World-01417Safari World-01432

Safari World-01440Safari World-01430Safari World-01452

Safari World-01462This had turned out to be the highlight of the day, with a few seeds in one’s hand they would come in twos or threes and feed, of course you two were totally besotted... Matt decided to use his head as a feeding station, and at first he totally regretted it, those claws were quite sharp, lol.
We’ve spent so much time with the birds we totally missed out on the ‘Spy Show’, and ended up eating ice-cream instead, haa haa haa, much to Mar’s delight.
Just we were about to leave, Matt found out that the final show of the day was about to start, the ‘Birds Show’, I wasn’t so keen at first, but how could I let you two down, lol. As it turned out it was quite impressive, now I understand why people are so passionate with these winged creatures, haa haa haa haa haa.

Safari World-01478Safari World-01489

As you mother’s parents lived near by, it was the perfect opportunity to stop by and say hello, then it was the long drive home... What a fun day that was :-)

Monday, August 3, 2015

The new routine :-)


Dear Matt and Mar,

Saturday has just got a little more fun, after Saturday final class for the both of you, usually we would just head home, but now there is a kind of mandatory visit a little garden (Root Garden) where you both get to feed the sheep and the chickens while your mother and I zonked out, lol, just a nice wrap up to a very hectic Saturday :-)

Fun Saturday-01075Fun Saturday-01077

Looks like it will be a few more weeks before you two get bored with this… lol.

Fun Saturday-01132Fun Saturday-01079

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Home at last :-)


Dear Matt and Mar,

2 weeks felt like 2 days, can’t believe it was already time to pick up Gio and Matt from the Airport, with today’s tech. it didn’t feel like we were 6,000+ miles apart, ‘Google Hangout’ and ‘Line Chat’ worked well enough, lol.

Because the flight arrived in the afternoon meant that Mar still had time to attend her morning class, and decided to wear her art piece (that was made in class) to pick up her mum and brother lol. Time wasn’t on our side, so lunch had to be taken at the Airport, could have bought a ticket to Spain on the cost of the meal we had, haa haa haa haa haa.

Me and Mar-01014Me and Mar-01011

Me and Mar-01025

Matt looked physically tired and so was your mother, the follow day (Sunday) both your mother and Matt suffered badly with the jetlag, and both of them had to go back to bed after breakfast for some much needed sleep, leaving Mar and I alone once more… we definitely weren’t complaining… too many fun things to do (as always), lol.

Me and Mar :-)


Me and Mar-00936Dear Matt and Mar,

My first weekend alone with Mar couldn’t have gone better, haa haa haa. Saturday morning was pretty much filled with the normal routine, we got up much earlier than usual (very much to my annoyance, lol). So because your mother wasn’t here I had to bundled you up into the small pram and we both headed off to the alleys just behind the apartment, to make merits with the monks and of course to pick up yours fav Chinese rice porridge.

After Brain School, instead of hanging around the house before heading off to lunch, I’d decided to take you to the park to feed the fish, but Mar decided it was more interesting to feed my archenemy, those darn pigeons... haa haa haa, managed to fed a few crows and a turtle as well.

Lunch was taken quick (at Fuji), then we were off to Violin, 30 minutes felt like 5 mins, after which the plan was to be full of fun and adventure... but Mar fell asleep... haa haa haa, so off to home we went and we didn’t leave the apartment again until Sunday, lol.

After Sunday breakfast, Mar was given a choice for the first activity of the day... she could have ‘Chocolate treat at Paul’ or a trip to a ‘Museum’... so there was no surprises to hear that we were soon on the BTS heading towards the Paul Bakery Restaurant... haa haa haa.

I think she was hoping for a chocolate cake, haa haa haa, after Paul we once again hopped onto the BTS and headed towards the National Stadium BTS station, then it was a very short walk to the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre.

The first exhibition we came across was a bit NSFK, haa haa haa, ‘Not Safe for Kids’. “Proximity”, more of a multimedia exhibition, with 3 or 4 projectors dotted around the darkened room (sound came through by the way of a  couple of headphones). Mar was really into it, well, until she came across this head on the floor which was flapping profusely because of the fan sitting close by, haa haa haa haa haa haa, I didn’t go anywhere near it too, haa haa haa.  


Me and Mar-00984


Me and Mar-00988


Me and Mar-00964

In one of the exhibition Mar found it pretty amusing to see ‘butts’, lol, the rest of the exhibitions were fantastic with a mix of traditional paintings and others, after around almost two hours it was time for our late lunch...

I shouldn’t have given Mar the choice because I was finding myself heading towards MK (again)... It was a mistake to have lunch so late (close to 14:00), because after a few spoonful Mar decided it was time for her nap and promptly dropped her head on to my lap, literally a second later she was off to dreamland, haa haa haa haa haa, the table was full of food and no one to eat it, lol, and as a result I must have had the biggest doggie bag in the whole kingdom, haa haa haa, at least I didn’t need to worry about tonight supper.


During the week we’ve decided to enrolled Mar in a Thai school just behind the apartment, in fact several years ago Matt was also here during his long holiday, but it didn’t quite work out for Matt, perhaps because he was a little older and his Thai was almost non-existence at that time. Mar is doing much better, but she refuses to wear the school uniform (probably not pretty enough, lol).

I was much better prepared for the second weekend alone with Mar, so no late lunch, lol. Saturday was pretty much the same, but, Sunday started with a trip to the temple to make some merits and there are bulls to be fed, lol.

Me and Mar-01001Me and Mar-01002  

Me and Mar-01006

After lunch I was running low on ideas, and your mother wasn’t here to help, haa haa haa. Then I realised that Minions had just come into the cinemas. I’d decided to drive to Esplanade, thinking it would be less busy... it wasn’t, lol.

After a queuing for a long while, finally it was our turn to buy the tickets... money in hands, head full of expectations... then we were told that this showing was dubbed in Thai, haa haa haa. Luckily there was this art place near by and Mar wanted to try it out :-)

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Swimming in the Bedroom


Dear Matt and Mar,

What an eventful morning we’ve just had, the time must have been around 06:45, when your aunt crashed through the bedroom door and shouting... as I was still in slumberland, I could only pick up the few key words in her sentence, but those were enough to jolt me out of bed and running like Usain to the third bedroom... ‘Flood’, ‘Bedroom’, ‘Quick’, haa haa haa.

The bathroom in the 3rd bedroom was in short a tiny paddling pool, and the water was now overflowing into the bedroom (which has wooden floor, aaahhhhhh). Luckily I am a bit of a odd job man, so it was a simple matter of turning off the valve, your aunt was superb and in a jiffy the all the water in the bedroom was mopped up. The paddling pool was also disappearing (after clearing the drainage and opening the shower door so that the water could exit both ways).

Should have known, lol.
Now for the cause, and I am kicking myself here, last week I had discovered that one of the flexible water pipe leading from the tap (in the wall) to the water heater (below the sink) was ‘rusty’, and I could remember myself thinking where is the leak? Because rust usually means water and air...

Here it is :-)
But I did nothing, at that time the floor was still dry (so there was no ‘proper’ leak), but now with hindsight, the water was seeping from the pipe itself and it was rusting the metal mesh that was encasing the pipe, in the end it was just waiting to become a proper break (which of course happened this morning)... haa haa haa.

Next question, how long has it been flooding the floor... well, I went to bed around midnight, and your aunt saw the waterfall around six thirty... So there is window of around six and a half hour. Judging by flow of the leak and the amount of water in the rooms, I am hoping it hasn’t been longer than an hour.

The fear is now about the water seeping through to the floor below, and the warping of the floor and furniture, nothing to do now but to keep my fingers crossed, as I am writing this the fan is going full pelt blowing on the floor and into the small bathroom, lol.