Monday, February 13, 2017

Busy day with princesses and science :-)

Dear Matt and Mar,

I have been scratching my head on how to sort out this Saturday (4th) for the longest time, first and foremost, your mother was now in Atlanta (after something like a 22 hour flight), that left me alone with a dilemma... haa haa haa.

BnP Party-03648Mar has her heart set on ‘Brea and Prin’ Birthday party which stared at 15:00, missing this would absolutely break her heart as well as my ears, whilst Matt had an unmissable science project preparation meeting with Ryo at 15:30. It would have been alright if the two places were next close to each other, unfortunately, it was virtually on the opposite side of the city, haa haa haa.

Your aunt once more stepped up and saved the day, she offered to spend her Saturday afternoon accompanying Matt to Ryo’s place, I was a little worried at first, Ryo’s mother is Japanese so the thing I was worried about was the communication. But with today being 2017 one should never be worried about that. Matt’s practice should have been an hour or so, but it ended up being over 3 hours :-)

On the opposite side of the city, Mar was having a great time laughing, playing, running, jumping and smiling with her princesses friends, she woke up early and went straight to the cupboard to choose her dress, haa haa haa.

A bit of a drama at the end of the day for Mar though, haa haa haa, at the end of the party, our great host gave a gift bag to each kid, and Mar was super excited. However, Mar was one of the last one who left the party (held in a huge indoor play park), and someone had taken her party bag... oh noooooo.

Eyes were welling up fast, and soon it was the whole waterworks.... lol, luckily one of the parent came to the rescue (she literally saved my life and I am forever grateful :-) ) and gave one of the party bag to Mar...

At the end of the day, it was great to hear all the great feedback from Matt, so you both had a fantastic day, and I was just glad that the day was over... haa haa haa.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

More potatoes please :-)

Dear Matt and Mar,

Out of the blue, your mother told me that Ryo (pronounce Real (I think?)),  wanted to pair up with Matt on a science project. Suddenly, last year’s project flashed across my mind, to my understanding Matt was utterly under prepared for that one, and it didn’t fair too well for his confidence. But Matt was more keen than ever, and Ryo had an absolutely clear topic in his head, and even prepared all the equipment for Matt to do the experiment at home.

page3The experiment is an ‘olden but golden’, haa haa haa, making electricity from a couple of potatoes. The experiment was relatively simple, but getting Matt to fully understand, so that he can explain the concept clearing in front of the judges would be difficult, or so I’d thought.

When it came to it, getting Matt to understand the whole experiment was relatively simple, first thing was of course a little research on my part, once I’d understood it, it was a simple matter of breaking it down into bullet points. In short, acid in the potato breaks down the magnesium strip atoms into +ve ions and -ve electrons, the -ve electrons then travels through the wire to the copper strip because it’s attracted to the +ve hydrogen ions on the copper side, creating a circuit and producing hydrogen gas, and in this case along the way powering a small digital clock.

Ryo was super prepared, (even invited Matt to rehearse at his home all Saturday afternoon, must give your aunty Tip a huge thank you for accompanying you, as I had to take Mar to a BD party, your aunt ended up having to wait for over 3 hours). By the way, I can not post a lovely photo of you and Ryo smiling from ear to ear, not without his mum’s permission :-)

On the day, Ryo also prepared a couple more experiments to make electricity from other processes, when the judges came round, you both had absolutely nailed it with the explanations, perhaps that’s way you are now through to the next round :-)

Saturday, February 11, 2017

FYI Center, lol.

IMG_20170131_155423Dear Matt and Mar,

I had a meeting in the Klongtoey area, and the best way to get to this meeting had meant walking through the FYI Center, and I was pleasantly surprised, an oasis of well thought of architect surrounded by desert of bland bricks and mortar.

You can not, not notice whilst this building was under construction, as it sits on the corner of Rama 4 and Rama 3 roads, but none of us never really had any caused to visit this building. Its name bugs me a little, I mean FYI? For Your Information Centre? Haa haa haa haa haa... ok be back in a sec.


Right, FYI = For Your Inspiration Center... :-) I really like this development, the next time I set up a new business, I certainly would consider leasing an office space here :-)

Friday, February 10, 2017

Got it at last :-)

Dear Matt and Mar,

The previous Rugby World Cup was held during September and October of 2015, don’t worry you two, I am not going to discuss how England was robbed, in truth, plain and simple they were not good enough (sad). I really want to share with you the first match of Pool B, between South Africa (an utter giant in the World of Rugby) and Japan, it was played at Brighton Community Stadium on September 19th 2015.

IMG_20170202_201241On paper, it was just a formality, everyone had already drawn the conclusion that Japan (who always play with passion and dedication) was going to lose, based on a single game between the two team, the probability of Japan beating South Africa was in the same vein as me beating Mr. Bolt in a sprint.

Personally it was the biggest upset in the history of Rugby World Cup, and it was amazing... since that match 2 years ago (on and off) I have been trying to purchase a Japanese National team jersey without much success, and for a very short period of insanity I was even looking at the option of getting a ‘copy’ version of the jersey, lol.

A few weeks ago, a colleague who literally has been to Japan over 100 times was once again going to Japan, haa haa haa. So she helped to order the jersey, and had it sent to her friend in JP (they do not send overseas) and now a few weeks later I have it in my hands, lol.

The red and white hoops has another connection to my friends and me, it was also the colour of our House Kit, which for me continues to be puzzling even after three decades, our house was ‘Darks’, and yet our house colour was Red and White hoops, haa haa haa.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

CN New Year 2017, things has to change lol.

pageDear Matt and Mar,

This year Chinese New Year was at the end of January, luckily the company I work for is somewhat very deep rooted with Chinese traditions, which is something I really appreciate. So whilst I had days off, your mother did not, haa haa haa.

My weekend was a very extended long weekend, from Sat. - Tue., lol. Usually my mother would prepare a huge meal for the extended family, I think last year around 20 people came, which was superb as I haven’t seen some of them for over 2 years.

But it is a tremendous effort to prepare meal for that many people, and I am glad that mother had decided to scale it back this year, basically only for our family, and even that I felt it was getting to be too much for her. I shall have to insist that next year we do things differently, the key thing is for all of us to be together.

Your aunt had an excellent idea to dress you all up in Chinese dress, much to my mother and my aunt’s delight, lol. The meal was as delicious as ever, but physically I could see that my mother was way beyond tired (being already 70+ years young). So this year could be the end of CN New Year as I know it,  but to be honest it doesn’t bother me on any level. I think next year I’ll take a day off and take them to a temple out of BKK, it is always nice to be out of the city.

I have no idea how much Angpao you two have received this year, your mother took charge of that, lol, I can see that she will put the money to good use though, like buying hand cream, haa  haa haa haa, only kidding.

Laser Hunger :-)

Dear Matt and Mar,

It was one of Matt’s classmate's BD, and his mother decided to invite his class to one of the latest laser tag game, there have been at least a couple of these popped up lately after disappearing for the longest time. But once Matt knew where he was going, it was like winning the lottery, haa haa haa.

For me I was a bit... mehhhh, nothing special, but that feeling came about due my past experience, now at least 20 odd years later, the game had improved somewhat, lol. When I was young (haa haa haa, long, long time ago in a galaxy far far away), laser tag was in dingy warehouse, the waiting area would be full of cigarette butts and stale blue haze (smoking was cool then) would hang heavy in the air. The decor was based on one colour palette, black... haa haa haa. Don’t get me wrong, it was fantastically fun, but not really for young children.

pageIn my mind I knew it wouldn’t be that bad, but what I saw blew me away (the venue was ‘Laser Hunger’), it was clean, high tech and all the equipment worked! Haa haa haa haa haa. When we arrived the game had just started (15 mins per round), so with three guns spared, us three jumped in... As soon as we were on the battleground, Matt disappeared like a sewer rat, blasting left and right as he went (we were reds).

I was really apprehensive because Mar was in tow, but one minute in with the green and red lasers whizzing left and right, it was everybody for themselves, haa haa haa haa haa haa, once I had taught Mar how to use the gun and saw that she could shoot... I was off like another ‘bigger’ sewer rat, disappearing into the darkness... and I was terrible haa haa haa haa haa, If this was a real battle there would be more holes in me than a very holely Swisscheese, haa haa haa.

After the laser game we all moved on to a fantastic lunch and playtime at Matt’s friend home, what an excellent afternoon.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Crazy Hair :-)

Dear Matt and Mar,

This past week had been a ‘charity drive’ week at SHB, and wow what a busy week it had been, to the point that I had to create a separate Google calendar just to track your events, and what you two have to do (or bring in) each day.

Monday, bring in 100 THB for casual dress day, Tuesday was baked sales, Mar totally loved it. Wednesday was Matt’s ‘Crazy Hair Day’... haa haa haa haa haa haa haa haa haa. Matt got loads of sponsorship and he did not disappoint, his hair went beyond crazy... to the point that I had refused to even walk near him on the way to school (just kidding).

IMG_20170201_073202Thursday was charity fair, and to top it off Friday was Chinese dress day... All money gained this entire week went to (I am assuming) several charities.

Back to the crazy hair, even the teachers were participating... and it was amazing, haa haa haa haa haa haa haa.

Monday, February 6, 2017

How did I get here? lol.

Dear Matt and Mar,

I had first started donating blood whist I was at Uni., it was something I had wanted to do for the longest time but never really had the opportunity nor the courage, haa haa haa. Well after the first time, I was a very regular doner (every two or three months).

pageWhen I came back to BKK, the donation continued, I can’t say exactly when, but for some reasons it stopped. I remembered the last time I’d donated, the nurses informed me that my blood had too much fat (or something) probably caused by donating the blood so soon after breakfast, it probably didn’t help that by choice of breakfast was ‘Kaho Ka Moo’ (directly translated, ‘Rice Leg Pork’), lol.

Let’s say around the time I had stopped becoming a donor, I wasn’t in the best of health, I mean I wasn’t ill, but with the lifestyle I was living surely meant my blood couldn't have been at its best (so it was probably the best that I wasn't donating).

So, right now after putting the effort to eat right for the past 6 months, and regularly exercising I am in much better shape now than I have been for the past (dare I say) 10 years, lol.

Ok, so how did I get here, I was actually at True Tower to pick up a document, but coming out of the elevator I’d turned right instead of left, and found myself looking at a dozen or so field beds, with people populating some of the beds, all serene and peaceful, only a tiny, constant hum of the machines running in the background. It was like a scene from a rather bad horror film, lol.

Of course this is nothing new, blood drive at various office buildings is quite common. So with a little spare time, I'd picked up the very familiar form, filled and submitted to the admin whom were nosed down at his rather ancient notebook. Within about five minutes I was laying on one of the field beds, blood slowly flowing into the bag below.

Walking away totally chuffed at having the chance to be a donor once more.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Just down the road :-)

Dear Matt and Mar,

It is getting to be a thing now, business day trip overseas, haa haa haa, and the routine are always the same, catch the first flight out and last flight back, lol. So what does it mean, the routine is pretty simple, up at 04:00, and back in bed again at 01:00 the next day, tiring but it does safe costs and time, lol.

So far so good, manage to be up at 04:00 without fail, the latest trip was to Singapore. Our mission was to scout out a couple of restaurants with a different take on how to service the customers, and I really liked it! It does help that the food was rather great too, haa haa haa.


Can’t say too much, which is always the case for new projects, going to have to develop it a bit more first, lol. Anyway, being back in SG just reminded me that you two have never been to SG, and after a short research it was pretty obvious that there are more than enough attractions to keep you busy for a couple of days, even 3 or 4 days, but will let your mother decide on that.

Urban planning in SG when compared to my beloved BKK, is like one was drawn by a professional with a lifetime of experience, who has the passion to deliver the best for the people that had t live in the city, because simply he/she cared, the other was drawn up by a 2 year old who doesn’t give a shi#, haa haa haa.

SG day trip-122627

Nothing beats open spaces… to turn a corner and to find our feet landing on this kind of space was something I really appreciate, BKK can be rather claustrophobic, haa haa haa.

I am always glad to see the airport at the end of the long day, zonking out seems to come naturally after a long day, haa haa haa.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

I thought I was better than that, lol.

Dear Matt and Mar,

Wow, how can forgetting a tiny little piece of equipment give me such anxiety? Honestly I thought I was better than that haa haa haa, admittedly not because of the social thingy, but I was expecting something quite important work related.

I was up at 05:00, everything I needed was out in the living room, clothes, change, belt, bits and pieces, everything sat neatly on the table ready to be put on, on the floor near by was my overnight bag, all packed and ready to go. After a quick wash, and a rather healthy portion of breakfast, I was out of the door like a well trained ninja on a mission, without making a sound (not counting the door slamming on the way out, haa haa haa).

CPLIFinding taxi at 05:35 was easy, and soon I was arriving at the pickup point (True Tower), only to realised 5 minutes before arriving that my phone was not with me... and to be very honest I felt panicked. Then felt really guilty for feeling panicky on such a silly thing.

In the end ‘work’ will find the way, haa haa haa, so for that work related communication came via my boss’ phone, as for Line, I had managed to clear the messages through Line via Chrome. Your mother also sent me missed calls and even called back to the caller herself, thank you.

Would have been nice to have the phone though, to take some photos of such a grand building, and call back to talk to you two if nothing else, :-)