Saturday, May 23, 2015

Time with me :-)


Time with me PageDear Matt and Mar,

Today was the last day of a very long Songkran holiday (Thai New Year), but your mother was busy with the opening of the latest ‘Virgin Active’ in Bangkok, it is probably the biggest club for Virgin in Southeast Asia (not that there are many of them, lol), so we can understand why she would be swamped with work.

So you were left with me... haa haa haa, started off with a huge swim, then a quick visit to your mother at the club, but instead of driving I thought it would have been fun to take the BTS (Sky Train) to Emquartier (Where the Club is).

Walking around the latest ‘shopping mall’ was fun, but the novelty runs dry pretty quickly, at the end of the day it is the same old, same old tenants! Of course there were some new brands, but synonymous with anything new in Thailand are the long queues, lol. Standing in line for food (often for more than forty minutes), where there are hundreds of other places that you can pretty much sit down straight away, to me just represents time not wisely spent.

Time with me-09912If I was to die tomorrow, trust me, I am not going to regret not eating that chicken (the size of one’s head) at Emquartier just before I kick the bucket and walk into the white light, probably I would be more regretful that last Monday I took a left turn rather than a right and was stuck at the red light for more than 3 minutes.

On the way back, we saw an Indian film crew shooting on the overpass, after quite a long walk it was time for a break anyway, so we stood by and expecting to see some magic. Obviously movie magic doesn’t happen behind the cameras, haa haa haa haa, must give them credit though, the heat was unbearable and yet they were still able to smile through out a running and dancing number :-) blooming mad to be prancing around in that heat…

Time for Lunch :-)


Dear Matt and Mar,

Only one day after our ‘almost horrendous’ holiday, we were once again leaving BKK behind in the dust (which always bring a smile). This time we were heading to a small restaurant in Samut Songkram province (probably a 100 Km drive).

Lunch Samut Songkram-pageMy mother, who is always on a hunt for great restaurant, found this one mentioned in one the leading newspaper, apparently one of the princesses had also visited here, and that of course is always a good sign. I mean, there are several ‘official’ recommendations such as ‘Shell Shuan Shim’ and so on, but those are not always reliable, but if one of the royalty happens to have eaten there, there is a 99% chance that it will be a good one (and almost always they will be very affordable for the average normal subjects, like you and I too, lol).



Thanks to Google Map, I’d only made the one wrong turn and that was quickly fixed, if I was driving unaided, trust me our so called ‘Lunch’ would have turned into a very late ‘Supper’, haa haa haa.

I was so over the moon that Matt is on his way to recovery (in the photo he still wasn’t looking his usual self), during the past few days it has been pretty much a nightmare for him, and us too :-) but it is all behind us now. Lunch was lovely, I am not much of a foodie, but to see my mother and aunt having a fantastic time was enough for me to be very contented and to call today, another one of those good day :-)

Friday, May 22, 2015

Sorry Baby... lol.

Sorry Baby...
Dear Matt and Mar,

What can I say... my last post was about a million years ago, haa haa haa. I know I am in the wrong, but it really wasn't my fault... lol.

I am ready to bang out a few posts in the next few days, and I am truly sorry for the delay, just like a stutter, it will eventually come out in the end, lol. The main, actually the only reason was in fact, Matt's fault... haa haa haa.

You are wondering how it was Matt's fault that I have not been so productive on the blogging front :-) Well... he wanted a PlayStation 4 for his Birthday, and of course he got one, and that was the end of my booming blogging career... haa haa haa, I'll write a separate post on this :-)

Instead of bunking down to do a couple of posts each night, it is now spent pushing wonderful soft buttons with lightening reflexes, and trying to kill everything that happens to be in front of me (although I am not suppose to be killing anyone at all, as I am now entrenched in a 'stealth' game, and apparently doing it all wrong, haa haa haa).

So, don't worry baby, I am back on track, or so I hope... I am at the end of the 4th level and I am in the process of carrying this dead body across 84 meters of very heavily guarded under ground sewer system, so you won't be angry if the posts remain on a 'pause' for now, right? Only kidding... I'll get back on track (soon... haa haa haa haa haa).

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Almost a ‘horrendum feriatum’ :-) [Part 2]

Dear Matt and Mar,

Friday 10.04.2015: The storm before the calm.

And what a storm that was... your mother and I were totally stressed out...

20150410 Oly Huahin-09661Friday morning started as normal, but Matt was out of it, not because of the pain but because he literally had not had a good night sleep for the past eight days, and your mother and I just so overwhelmed with worry we can not described how terrible and helpless we were feeling.

And for the moment I thought it was a terrible idea for coming to Huahin, but as it turned out it was the best move ever!

Matt went through the whole day extremely lethargic, to the point that he asked to leave the pool and to return to the room. I couldn’t go because Mar was still full of energy and wanted more time in the pool, so Matt went with your mother to the room.

Supper was taken outside of the hotel in the town of Huahin, the food was nice but as the late afternoon turns into night the cramp was back for Matt, and once again your mother and I were prepared for another restless night.

By around nine pm Matt was screaming in pain and doubled over like a tiny woodlouse. There was no way we were going to ride this one out, Matt had already taken several medicines (from BNH) and he was still in pain. I put my shorts over my pajamas shorts, threw on a shirt and in a second Matt and I was in the van driving to the hospital in the town.

All the while Matt was scream in pain on the very back seat, and I was driving like a maniac to the hospital. Once again I found myself carrying Matt into the emergency of Bangkok Hospital (BKKH). Instead of the inert reaction that we were getting at BNH, to me BKKH was fantastic, the nurses were alert and soon the Dr. came to visit.

After a short conversation a couple of meds were administered, one for the cramp and one for the pain, soon Matt was in a calm state. After Matt had settled down he was sent for an x-ray.. The emergency Dr. said if Matt remained pain free then he would be allowed to return to the hotel with me, as the x-ray was fine, if not that they will have to do a CT scan.

I could not have been happier to hear the words x-ray and CT scan, as no analysis had been done throughout the past eight days of nightmare. After almost thirty minutes I came back to the emergency, expecting to see Matt fast asleep, but instead Matt was once again crying in pain, more medicine was given and an enema was administered and while this was going on the nurses were getting ready for the CT scan.

This was my first time ever to be near a CT scan machine, actually quite intimidating to say the least. Matt was acting like Champ :-) and after fifteen minutes the whole ordeal was over, all we could do now is to wait for the results. Because this was at night, the scans had to be sent to BKK where there is an expert on standby to analyse the scans (apparently over 100 pictures).

20150410 Phone Huahin-220706

By this time it was already almost eleven pm, but the analysis came through soon enough, by around eleven thirty it was cleared that where Matt’s small intestine joined onto the large intestine was blocked, and there was no way any enema could reach to the depth. All they can do is to administered oral medications in hope to clear the blockage.

Just imagine if we hadn’t come to Huahin, you would probably had gone back to BNH to face several more nights of agony… This funnily named ‘Bangkok Hospital’ (but in Huahin) has all the equipment which I don’t think the much more expensive BNH has. So it was the right decision to come to Huahin (but for a totally different reason) after all, lol.

20150410 Phone Huahin-233518

Now I have a list of the medication somewhere, anyway, around one the morning you were in pain again, and more medication was given... and that last bout seems to did the trick, as for the first time in so many days you slept soundly from around two to around seven... no words can describe how I’d felt to see you soundly asleep.

By the way, your medications were disgusting... I tasted all of it before hand, so thumb up to you champ for drinking it all.


Saturday 11.04.15: On the mend :-)

Huahin day 3-09673Huahin day 3-09672Yipppp ppppppeeeee, you woke up all smiling... It’s Matt 2.0, haa haa haa haa haa. All the medicines you took the night before started to work, in that I mean 8 visits to the toilet (for the whole day) seems like a good indication that the meds were working.

At least your pain had gone (apart from a few minutes of discomfort now and then). With all the lack of sleep you’ve been having, it was no surprise that after breakfast you fell asleep once again until I had to wake you up at two pm.

The night was a good one, fell asleep early and slept soundly throughout the night (for the first time in nine days, a full night sleep).

Of course all this time your mother and Mar was having a great time, swimming, playing in Kids club, drinking wine and generally having a laugh... oh, I am kidding, your mother was more worried than anyone.


Sunday 12.04.2015: Going home, well not quite & it’s finally a real holiday (thanks Mai and Ann)

Came Sunday morning, the Doctor gave you the all clear :-) and by the time we’d arrived back at the hotel, it was time for checkout... haa haa haa haa haa. So Matt and I literally spent more than half of the holiday in the hospital :-) well that means nothing, all we know was that Matt is now truly on the mend :-) There will be other holidays...

But things were just about to get from better to fantastic, during our checking out your mother decided to message our old friends and they were in Huahin too (they have a house) and so we decided to pay them a visit. They have a twins just a year older than Mar, with hindsight we must thanks uncle Mai and auntie Ann for literally rescuing our holiday… haa haa haa.

To our surprise, there were two other older children (around Matt’s age) from our friend’s cousin who were visiting as well, so as a final count there were 6 kids in all, what a party... Everyone swam in the pool and sea, played in the sand and loads more activities.

Huahin Day 4 PageOly Huahin Day 4

It was so much fun that it didn’t take too much convincing for us to stay another night, and your mother did an amazing job to find a room at Ibis :-) Of course you both loved the hotel, it was so good to see Matt back to being a little monkey again.


Monday 13.04.2015: Going home, for real, haa haa haa.

Of course you two loved Ibis’ bunk beds, haa haa haa, and as usual you were up way before the sun rises, lol. The hotel is new, clean with absolutely no frills, lol. I’ve been in a few Ibis during the various business trip and this is exactly the same standard, small, clean and very functional room.

But we had to leave early to pick out a couple of presents for the twins’ birthday, then we headed to Uncle Mai’s and Aunt Ann’s house once again. I can sum up the whole day in three words... fun, fun and more fun, haa haa haa haa haa.

As this was Songkran, it is a tradition to present to the elders of the family some garlands of flowers and to run water/incense over their hands and ask for their blessing.

Huahin day 5 PageOly Huahin day 5 page 2

By the time we looked at the watch again it was five in the afternoon... and this time it was really time to go home. I was so glad we had these couple of days of fantastically fun time for the both of you, otherwise if we had gone home on Sunday, this holiday would have officially been totally sucky... haa haa haa. But as it has turned out, it was one of the fun time we had.


Huahin day 5 GifJust before I leave… haa haa haa…

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Almost a ‘horrendum feriatum’ :-) [Part 1]

Dear Matt and Mar,

Oh, the whole adventure began on the very first day of your Easter holiday, in short you and us didn’t sleep for ten day straight… but in the end it was all smiles… lol.


Monday 06.04.2015: Where has it gone?

Where has it gone? Well, that question can be easily answered... haa haa haa haa haa.

4 to 5 pageI am referring to this just past long weekend (4 -6 of April)... which has been a long time in coming, it really has. It was also brilliantly coincided with Matt’s and Mar’s Easter holiday, not to mention that your mother’s work is slowly simmering down... so everything was set to do something nice... until... (and we should have known this) Matt decided to get really, really ill.

This always happens during Matt’s or Mar’s first week of your holiday, always. To be honest I should have foreseen this. It all started on a Friday (3rd) (Matt’s last day of term, Mar’s term ended on a previous day), Matt came home looking very lethargic, and by the time early evening came he was complaining of stomach ache.

To see Matt laying quietly on the sofa did ring so many alarm bells, but I had just assumed Matt was tired from the water festival at his school earlier in the day. Your mother came home very late (actually early, lol) and by 2 am she decided to take Matt to Emergency room at BNH.

Saturday (4th), Matt was literally laying still for the whole day, the doctor diagnose that Matt was suffering from some kind of stomach virus, but he was not vomiting nor having any diarrhea and his temperature was quite normal. But his pain was undeniable, after taking Mar to her class and lunch we all headed back to see Matt and your mother at the hospital, and in the evening the whole team arrived, lol, Grandparents, great aunts and more... haa haa haa. At night, it was your mother’s turn to see the doctor, suffering from acid reflux, luckily she was in the right place and nothing worst became of it.

Sunday (5th) started better, Matt was more himself but still very tender. You may be wondering how Mar was coping? Well, she was having a great time! It was like a huge playtime for Mar at the hospital, she had made a friend who she hanged out together for the whole day. This new friend, whom Mar decided to call Princess Elsa (because she calls herself Princess Ana, lol) was there because her sister was admitted to the hospital too.

So Mar was there having a great time, and slowly Matt was recovering, by Monday came Matt was complaining he was bored... haa haa haa, so the old Matt has returned :-) So literally the whole long weekend disappeared quicker than a full plate of spaghetti.

At the end of the day, we were so relief that Matt is back... Monday evening was spent in the pool, we were so lucky because Sofia was also there too... what a laugh we had.


Tuesday 07.04.15: Spoke too soon.

I think I should have kept my mouth shut, Matt was great and dandy for the whole of Monday (after he had left the hospital), however come Tuesday evening (07.04.15) the stomach pain was back again, but not as severe.  

Luckily it is not as bad as last Friday, lets see how you are tonight :-)


Wednesday 08.04.15: Unsettling day, another trip to the BNH.

It is now Wednesday morning and I am hoping it will all cleared up by tonight, get well soon, words can not describe how helpless we feel to hear you sobbing in pain.

Your mother and I had to both work, so your Aunt was there to take care of you. She had suspects that something wasn’t right, by late afternoon she had called me up to tell me that she and Matt was heading to BNH once again. Luckily my last meeting was close by, and as soon as that was over, I jumped onto a Motorcycle taxi and rushed to BNH, just in time to see Matt being carried around by your Aunt, it apparently helped with the pain to be carried around rather than sitting.

This time we saw another doctor, after some polite Q & A she decided to give Matt an enema, and it really worked. Literally after a second it was given I had to rushed Matt into the lavatory. Matt was full of gas, it must have been so painful with that much gas trapped inside.

It was night and day, he was now all smiling and could walk freely again, I had really hope that would be the end of it (again). But by around bedtime the pain was back, it comes in waves which peaked every hour.


Thursday 09.04.15: Worst start to a holiday ever.

Huahin D1We had decided to got for a short break before Songkran, travelling anywhere during the Songkran holiday is just as crazy as using cactus as toilet paper. So we’d thought let spend a few days in Huahin where Matt has been begging us to go back (to his particular hotel, lets call the it Hotel N)

We were supposed to be leaving Bangkok today, but at two am Matt was admitted back into emergency at BNH, his stomach was playing up again and he was in some discomfort. I had really thought it would all be over after several visits to BNH.

By the time your mother and Matt returned at four am, it all seemed fine (again). Your mother and I had seriously considered cancelling the whole trip, but imagining you two stuck in boring BKK for the next few days was just too much. So we decided to stick to the plan, perhaps a few days by the seaside would do Matt some good... I was wrong...

We arrived at the hotel by around noon, Matt ate well enough and he wasn’t in any pain, but we could tell that he was not 100%, instead of rushing around at a thousand mile a minute Matt was just zombieing around... and went through all the motion of swimming in the pool and in the sea...

Mar on the other hand was having a fantastic time... haa haa haa.

Thursday night was another sleepless night, as usual around eight pm Matt was once again in discomfort, and work up every hour on the hour until around seven am, of course I was there all the while trying to comfort him. Matt ended up sleeping on the sofa, while I sat next to Matt all night.

Oly Huahin D1

So far, since the forth of April Matt had perhaps just one good night sleep, and the little rest he was having, was really affecting him and obviously not in a good way. Not only that, your mother and I probably had the same amount of sleep as Matt, so all in all this was turning to be quite a horrendous day (and this was just the beginning).

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Nice shot :-)

Gio-EditDear Matt and Mar,

Never a cliché rings so true, ‘the best camera is the one that's with you’, I have no idea who coined this originally, but when your mother sent me this photo, that line was the first thing I’d thought of, I must have taken hundreds if not thousands photos of your mother, and only a handful is as good as this one in capturing the moment.

A colleague of your mother took it (I am assuming it was a camera on a phone), the environment was tough, outdoor, in the dark with no visible illumination. I am guessing that a camera flash was used... but who cares... great smile, great photo :-) haa haa haa.

The Six Nations 2015

Dear Matt and Mar,

This post is a little late in coming, the 6 Nations had come and gone and I am left feeling very empty (I must admit just a tad over dramatic on my part, lol) for England did not win.

By the skin on their teeth, Ireland had retained their title (applauds all round), the table below shows how close it was, at the end of the day it all came down to the point difference, wow.

I of course was on my toes... the game to win was against Ireland, but alas that was not meant to be, sob sob, haa haa haa.

What a fantastic tournament... can’t wait for 2016.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Challenging times…

Dear Matt and Mar,

Things are really hectic at work for your mother at the moment, and so I am trying my best to come home early every evening. There is nothing worst for me, than to come home and find that you two were already asleep. To be honest, if I come home to a ‘sleeping’ house, the feeling is one of “what do I do now?”, haa haa haa.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo instead of just one more paragraph to type, one more line to read or one more graph to compile, as soon as the clock strikes half six I initiate the ‘go home’ procedures, haa haa haa.

There is nothing better in life than coming home and having you two welcome me with a rush attack (full of screams and smiles), lol, I must say it is kind of addictive to see you both full of smiles. Right now more than often I would be back in time to give you two a shower, and what an event that is, haa haa haa. Without fail Matt now calls me every evening around seven to see where I was, lol.

For the past several weeks, your mother’s schedule has been unbelievable, her and her team's’ task was to set up a new location for a fitness club (a global brand from the UK, nudge nudge wink wink, haa haa haa haa haa) this brand had just entered into Thailand.

Your mother’s club isn’t their first location but the second, however this one is pretty special, they are saying the best in the world (for their network), and after having a walk around I can see why.

Your mother is the head of this branch, unlike the first club where there were several helping hands from overseas, for this second one, your mother and her team was pretty much on their own, it had been really tough, but I can definitely see that your mother is loving every minute of it.

To have come from outside of this industry, not to mention being away from work of more than six years, your mother handled herself brilliantly. I’d guess the bosses were pretty happy with the result, to the point that their Superstar owner and founder of this group called up your mother to congratulate her and the team when they opened for show days (the club won’t be officially open until next month (tomorrow)).

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen the Superstar founder called it was out of the blue, by the way he is one of your mother’s idol... so of course once she found out who was on the other end of the line your mother went into a ‘School Girl’ mode... haa haa haa.

So how have we been living for the past several weeks (including every Saturday and Sunday)? Haa haa haa, your mother would be the first one up, prepare your breakfast while your aunt and I get you two ready for school, after that we won’t see your mother again until the next morning... haa haa haa, seriously, this is because by the time she comes home all of us would be snoring thunders and farting rainbows, lol.

Instead of spending time with your mother and I, you two have been spending all of your time with me or your aunt, so I don’t think you are feeling left out, instead with me being around is so much more fun... haa haa haa haa haa (your mother will kill me when she finally reads this :-)).

Hopefully things won’t be so intense now, tomorrow the club will open and I told her the focus now is customer satisfaction, at the end of the day for all service industry, cust sats is pretty much up there on the priority list.

The end of term is fast approaching, I am hoping your mother would be able to take time out for a short break away from Bangkok, a few weeks back we had already missed out on your half-term, and I know that you two are so looking forward to a break too. If I have to take you two alone I would do it... haa haa haa haa haa, should be a challenge.

Another Piggy :-)

Dear Matt and Mar,

Matt has been asking me forever to ‘smash’ the second piggy… haa haa haa. Anyway precautions needed to be taken, hence the sun glasses, so ‘no’ I didn’t want you two to look swarve just for the photograph. The sunglasses were really there for your safety… as a by product, it did make you two look rather cool too, haa haa haa.

Another piggy-1-Edit

Another piggy-09479-Edit

Smashing the piggy was far too satisfying than I should admit, lol. Matt gave it a few little tap at first and the piggy didn’t even flinch, haa haa haa, after some instructions Matt gave it a huge whack… haa haa haa. Mar also had a go too, finishing it off once and for all… So many coins, lol.

In the evening when my mother and aunt was here, it was their pleasure to do the laundering, haa haa haa, I think you two made almost 3,000 bahts this time round… I was just happy that you two still have both your eyes still intact, haa haa haa.

Game time lol

Determined :-)
Dear Matt and Mar,

Your mother was busy at the pre-sales booth (her work), this time round Matt remained with your mother while Mar and I decided to wander around, I don’t know why but we always ended up in the toy section, haa haa haa.

As usual Mar rushed ahead of me and disappeared between the shelves, I was of course not far behind and admittedly I was much too engrossed with all the toys to run after my little princess. In the background I could hear that there was a small event in one of the toy stall but didn't pay too much attention to it.

That was until the lady asked a child what her name was... “Marcella” a tiny voice came through a huge set of speakers... haa haa haa haa haa haa, you have never seen a grown semi-fat semi-old man move so fast, lol.

Mar had decided to join in with the game, there were 3 games in all and with lots and lots of help from the hosts Mar managed to get them all right (haa haa haa), and her prizes were some stickers, colouring book and so on... to my understanding it was a marketing ploy to introduce new characters to the consumers.

Mar was so chuffed to have won... haa haa haa.