Wednesday, March 15, 2017

SG Day 1, horrible start, lol.

Dear Matt and Mar,

I have never been this stress while traveling ever! You two have been looking forward to this trip, well, since we told you we were coming to SG for your half term break about a couple of weeks ago.

Matt has a habit of falling ill just on the eve of about all of our holidays, lol, and so why break the tradition, haa haa haa haa haa. On the 22nd, everything was packed and ready for a very early start on the next morning.

Before we begin, your mother will not be travelling there with us... she had a meeting... so I was the lucky one who will be accompanying you two to SG, haa haa haa, I was dreading it.

Principio Horribilis, the 1st panic.

On the 23rd, instead of waking up to a quiet apartment at 05:00, I was woken up by the sound of your mother banging and shouting at Matt’s bedroom door. Sweat began to form pretty instantly under my skin, as I came to my senses from the always super deep slumber. For some reason, Matt had locked his door, meaning I had to dig around and find the key to open the room, where we’d found Matt in deep sleep on his bed.

Then your mother began to tell me the whole story. During the night Matt woke up twice, at 01:00 and at 03:00, and he was hot physically to touch, so Tylenol was given at 03:00 and at 05:00 Matt’s temp. was normal but he was physically tired from a very sleepless night. Do you know what my first thought was? I was afraid that Matt would not be allowed to enter SG, especially with all these different strain of flu flying around, from bird to pig flu (made up the last one), and of course it had to happen on the morning we were about to fly, haa haa haa.


There was no turning back now, Matt’s temp. was stable, and eager to get to the airport, by now it was getting late, the plane was departing at 08:15, and at 06:00 we were still dancing in the apartment, haa haa haa. Decided to use Uber, no drama there, soon all of us were speeding towards the airport.

2nd, 3rd and 4th panic.

Suvarnabhumi airport isn’t the best managed airport in the world, haa haa haa, tremendous amount of complaint with check in time, immigration processing time, lack of lavatory and so on... the list is pretty endless, and us 3 were about to find all of the problems first hand, haa haa haa.

We were in the check in queue at 06:45, and I was staring at a very long queue of 5 folds, like a snake on the old 3310 Nokia phone, and I was sincerely in a panick... haa haa haa, we were cutting it rather fine. At 07:15 we were off to security check before the immigration.

The security check is at the huge mezzanine floor, but it was so full the staff had to stop people going to the mezzanine floor, the temper were flaring, but we were lucky, we were literally the last group allowed to go to the security check area. It was here where the thought of us missing the plane was knocking on the side of my skull.

By some miracle, the 7 folds queue was moving at speed, by 07:40 we were through and heading towards the immigration. For Thai adults, the immigration was quick and painless, through the use of one of those automated gates. Unfortunately you two were too young to use them. After letting one of the staff know that we were about to miss our flight, we were ushered through a small door, and found ourselves in the ‘VIP’ immigration area.

We found ourselves running to the gate at 07:50, and of course you two needed to use the restroom... haa haa haa haa haa, I was literally pulling out my hair lol, but we made it to the gate at 08:00 and the boarding had begun, but again Mar needed to use the restroom. With most of the passengers now boarded the plane, and at the gate there were only a few of us left, now it was Matt’s turn to panic (lol), shouting at me and Mar (we were still in the loo), haa haa haa haa haa.

And this was just the beginning... haa haa haa haa.


An hour before arriving at Changi Airport, although Matt’s temperature was normal, but I didn’t want to take the chance and had decided to give him another dose of the Tylenol on the plane, lol. Originally I was going to take you two to the hotel by train, but with all the luggage and you two being up since five, I thought that was going to be too much, so decided to take a taxi instead (oh what a right decision that was, lol).


D1 SG A7-03952D1 SG A7-03954

About thirty minutes later we arrived at the hotel, it was fantastic... and in no time we were checked in, you two were super excited in the room, but before any real fun to be had, it was time to eat... Vegetarian Pizza and Fish and Chips went down faster than rain falling during the monsoon season.

D1 SG A7-03967D1 SG A7-03969

I really didn’t want to swim so soon after lunch, so it was great to have found that they have kids club, to add to the fun we had to travel by the golf cart... haa haa haa, Mar was over the moon. Kids club was a little small but entertaining enough, you two were lost among all the toys, I was also having too much fun with their PS4, haa haa haa.

D1 SG A7-03986

D1 SG A7-04000

After about an hour or so, it was the perfect time for a swim... I love the pool, not the cleanest in the world, nor the best kept, but it was deep, at 2.5 metres for most of the pool it was fantastic! We could have stayed here forever... but then your mother turned up, haa haa haa haa haa, oh kidding, she did turn up though, and it was another perfect opportunity (or a perfect excuse) to leave the pool, as your mother and I didn’t want to have our first supper at the resort. The bus leaves every 30 minutes to the main island, which was super convenient.

D1 SG A7-04008


Closing out the day.

The bus does a loop, between the resort, (if there was a request) Resort World and across the bridge to Vivo City. Vivo City is one of those super shopping mall, huge and vibrant, and this is where we were having our supper tonight, the only thing I was afraid off is for you to to fall asleep, since you were up at five this morning. Luckily that never happened, and supper was super fun, well, super fun for your mother and I, lol.


D1 SG A7-04023D1 SG A7-04022

Can’t wait for tomorrow, the highlight... Universal Studio, here is a hint... we should have worn our swimming trunks, haa haa haa.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Off again? lol.

Dear Matt and Mar,

It seems like since January of this year, your mother and I have been doing a lot of travelling. At the end of December and beginning of January we were all away for a week to the East of Thailand, then at the end of January I was away for a couple of days in Khaoyai. That was just the beginning, February and March became a little crazy, lol.

pageIn early February your mother was away for about eight days in Atlanta, a week after that I was in China for a couple of days, then a day after my return, all of us were in Singapore for four days (fantastic time :-). Two weeks later, which was last week I was away to France and the UK (3 nights in 3 different hotels and 2 cities (not fun), and came back yesterday late afternoon 11.03.17) and now tomorrow your mother will be travelling to Abu Dhabi for about four days, haa haa haa, feels like one of those relay race, your mother and I are on the same team and now I am handing over the baton to your mother to travel to Abu Dhabi, lol.

The funny thing is, I was walking on the streets of Paris on my birthday, and now your mother will be spending her birthday somewhere in the desert of the Abu Dhabi, haa haa haa. Just realised I am way, way  behind on my posting to the blog, so many posts to be written, lol.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

So serious, lol.

New Year 2017-1483243541872Dear Matt & Mar,

This photo was taken back in January, lol, I told you I was trying to catch up on the posting, lol. Mar looked so serious… but so far you can just about manage most three letter words, haa haa haa.

Wat Mai Thongsen

New Year 2017 Wat near home-03397Dear Matt and Mar,

Catching up on a few posts I’d been wanting to write for the longest time, going back now to the beginning of the year, literally the beginning, 01.01.17, lol. Us four had just returned from a wonderful week holiday in Pattaya and Rayong, lol, the plan was to chill in BKK before going back to the grind, haa haa haa haa.

The name of the temple is Wat Mai Thongsen, and surprisingly this is the first time my parents had brought me to this temple and I’d thought I had visited all that they had visited… haa haa haa haa. Unfortunately it was under renovation, that was party why we were here, as my father wanted to make the donation.

This temple sits in the older part of BKK, and pretty much in the middle of all the governmental and arm forces HQ and offices, so it was quiet, full of trees, no tall buildings, no people, just building and us, haa haa haa. Can’t wait to be back here once all the renovation finished, :-)


New Year 2017 Wat near home-03405New Year 2017 Wat near home-03355New Year 2017 Wat near home-03412

New Year 2017 Wat near home-03394

Thursday, March 2, 2017

While the cat is away, lol.

Cat is away-03832Dear Matt and Mar,

During the second week of February your mother was away for the whole week, if I am not mistaken she left very early on the Saturday morning, so for the first weekend with only us 3, of course I’d canceled all the classes, haa haa haa. The weekend was fantastic (photos).

As for the remaining of the week, wow, what a smooth week it was… NOT! I had already touched on the Saturday that was fully of princesses and science (in the previous post), lol, let me summarise the rest of the (very interesting) week (Mon. to Fri.).

Mar decided to have a temperature attack, suddenly 03:00 on a Tuesday Mar woke me up with a whimper, it must have been something because usually not even a herd of raging elephants can wake me up at three in the morning, lol.

In my slumber state, I’d reached out with my hand and in a milli of a millisecond, I went into ‘high temp. mode’, there was no panic, just  a very, very worried father on autopilot mode. First thing, find the thermometer to  determine how hot Mar really was… 40.2c… time to initiate the ‘wipe down’ protocol.

First port of call, the fridge, first decision Ibuprofin or Tylenol, with such a high temp. I had chosen Ibuprofen, on you two, I found that Ibuprofen works faster. Luckily we are well stocked on both Ibuprofen and Tylenol. In the fridge, one level below the medicines were a bunch of these ‘cold patch’ a sticky head patch gel thing, several of these were used right through the night…

Cat is away-03851Cat is away-03888
Next day Mar was as bright as the North Star… one would never would have guessed that only a few hours earlier she was as hot as a water bottle… A couple of night later her high temp. came back, and then that was it back to her old wonderful self, according to the doctor is was the our old friend, stomach bug.

Looking at the first photo, I have no idea on what was going on there… haa haa haa, from the look of things, it looks like a very precise reenactment of all of my Monday morning, haa haa haa haa haa.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Busy day with princesses and science :-)

Dear Matt and Mar,

I have been scratching my head on how to sort out this Saturday (4th) for the longest time, first and foremost, your mother was now in Atlanta (after something like a 22 hour flight), that left me alone with a dilemma... haa haa haa.

BnP Party-03648Mar has her heart set on ‘Brea and Prin’ Birthday party which stared at 15:00, missing this would absolutely break her heart as well as my ears, whilst Matt had an unmissable science project preparation meeting with Ryo at 15:30. It would have been alright if the two places were next close to each other, unfortunately, it was virtually on the opposite side of the city, haa haa haa.

Your aunt once more stepped up and saved the day, she offered to spend her Saturday afternoon accompanying Matt to Ryo’s place, I was a little worried at first, Ryo’s mother is Japanese so the thing I was worried about was the communication. But with today being 2017 one should never be worried about that. Matt’s practice should have been an hour or so, but it ended up being over 3 hours :-)

On the opposite side of the city, Mar was having a great time laughing, playing, running, jumping and smiling with her princesses friends, she woke up early and went straight to the cupboard to choose her dress, haa haa haa.

A bit of a drama at the end of the day for Mar though, haa haa haa, at the end of the party, our great host gave a gift bag to each kid, and Mar was super excited. However, Mar was one of the last one who left the party (held in a huge indoor play park), and someone had taken her party bag... oh noooooo.

Eyes were welling up fast, and soon it was the whole waterworks.... lol, luckily one of the parent came to the rescue (she literally saved my life and I am forever grateful :-) ) and gave one of the party bag to Mar...

At the end of the day, it was great to hear all the great feedback from Matt, so you both had a fantastic day, and I was just glad that the day was over... haa haa haa.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

More potatoes please :-)

Dear Matt and Mar,

Out of the blue, your mother told me that Ryo (pronounce Real (I think?)),  wanted to pair up with Matt on a science project. Suddenly, last year’s project flashed across my mind, to my understanding Matt was utterly under prepared for that one, and it didn’t fair too well for his confidence. But Matt was more keen than ever, and Ryo had an absolutely clear topic in his head, and even prepared all the equipment for Matt to do the experiment at home.

page3The experiment is an ‘olden but golden’, haa haa haa, making electricity from a couple of potatoes. The experiment was relatively simple, but getting Matt to fully understand, so that he can explain the concept clearing in front of the judges would be difficult, or so I’d thought.

When it came to it, getting Matt to understand the whole experiment was relatively simple, first thing was of course a little research on my part, once I’d understood it, it was a simple matter of breaking it down into bullet points. In short, acid in the potato breaks down the magnesium strip atoms into +ve ions and -ve electrons, the -ve electrons then travels through the wire to the copper strip because it’s attracted to the +ve hydrogen ions on the copper side, creating a circuit and producing hydrogen gas, and in this case along the way powering a small digital clock.

Ryo was super prepared, (even invited Matt to rehearse at his home all Saturday afternoon, must give your aunty Tip a huge thank you for accompanying you, as I had to take Mar to a BD party, your aunt ended up having to wait for over 3 hours). By the way, I can not post a lovely photo of you and Ryo smiling from ear to ear, not without his mum’s permission :-)

On the day, Ryo also prepared a couple more experiments to make electricity from other processes, when the judges came round, you both had absolutely nailed it with the explanations, perhaps that’s way you are now through to the next round :-)

Saturday, February 11, 2017

FYI Center, lol.

IMG_20170131_155423Dear Matt and Mar,

I had a meeting in the Klongtoey area, and the best way to get to this meeting had meant walking through the FYI Center, and I was pleasantly surprised, an oasis of well thought of architect surrounded by desert of bland bricks and mortar.

You can not, not notice whilst this building was under construction, as it sits on the corner of Rama 4 and Rama 3 roads, but none of us never really had any caused to visit this building. Its name bugs me a little, I mean FYI? For Your Information Centre? Haa haa haa haa haa... ok be back in a sec.


Right, FYI = For Your Inspiration Center... :-) I really like this development, the next time I set up a new business, I certainly would consider leasing an office space here :-)

Friday, February 10, 2017

Got it at last :-)

Dear Matt and Mar,

The previous Rugby World Cup was held during September and October of 2015, don’t worry you two, I am not going to discuss how England was robbed, in truth, plain and simple they were not good enough (sad). I really want to share with you the first match of Pool B, between South Africa (an utter giant in the World of Rugby) and Japan, it was played at Brighton Community Stadium on September 19th 2015.

IMG_20170202_201241On paper, it was just a formality, everyone had already drawn the conclusion that Japan (who always play with passion and dedication) was going to lose, based on a single game between the two team, the probability of Japan beating South Africa was in the same vein as me beating Mr. Bolt in a sprint.

Personally it was the biggest upset in the history of Rugby World Cup, and it was amazing... since that match 2 years ago (on and off) I have been trying to purchase a Japanese National team jersey without much success, and for a very short period of insanity I was even looking at the option of getting a ‘copy’ version of the jersey, lol.

A few weeks ago, a colleague who literally has been to Japan over 100 times was once again going to Japan, haa haa haa. So she helped to order the jersey, and had it sent to her friend in JP (they do not send overseas) and now a few weeks later I have it in my hands, lol.

The red and white hoops has another connection to my friends and me, it was also the colour of our House Kit, which for me continues to be puzzling even after three decades, our house was ‘Darks’, and yet our house colour was Red and White hoops, haa haa haa.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

CN New Year 2017, things has to change lol.

pageDear Matt and Mar,

This year Chinese New Year was at the end of January, luckily the company I work for is somewhat very deep rooted with Chinese traditions, which is something I really appreciate. So whilst I had days off, your mother did not, haa haa haa.

My weekend was a very extended long weekend, from Sat. - Tue., lol. Usually my mother would prepare a huge meal for the extended family, I think last year around 20 people came, which was superb as I haven’t seen some of them for over 2 years.

But it is a tremendous effort to prepare meal for that many people, and I am glad that mother had decided to scale it back this year, basically only for our family, and even that I felt it was getting to be too much for her. I shall have to insist that next year we do things differently, the key thing is for all of us to be together.

Your aunt had an excellent idea to dress you all up in Chinese dress, much to my mother and my aunt’s delight, lol. The meal was as delicious as ever, but physically I could see that my mother was way beyond tired (being already 70+ years young). So this year could be the end of CN New Year as I know it,  but to be honest it doesn’t bother me on any level. I think next year I’ll take a day off and take them to a temple out of BKK, it is always nice to be out of the city.

I have no idea how much Angpao you two have received this year, your mother took charge of that, lol, I can see that she will put the money to good use though, like buying hand cream, haa  haa haa haa, only kidding.