Thursday, July 2, 2015

Noddy International Day 2015


Dear Matt and Mar,

Can not believe it is already time for another International Day at Noddy, lol. This is where every nationalities put on a small show as well as setting up a booth showcasing what is special or unique about their country (mostly food, haa haa haa).

This is by far the most important annual event at Noddy, and one can tell, the booth were beautifully decorated and the food were fantastic… unfortunately this year I had to run after the show and could not join the walk around, as each child has a little passport, and they have to go to each booth and get them stamp… Oh how I wished I had stayed now, lol.

The ‘Thai’ show was (and I am guessing here) a very old nursery rhyme, ‘yok mue kuen lae moon moon’ (lift up your hands and turn it turn it, is pretty much the direct translation). Mar has been singing this for weeks, and of course it comes with a dance… haa haa haa haa.

Such fun… haa haa haa

Mar has been practicing it so much, both your mother and I are still singing it more than a week later, haa haa haa, even Matt was complaining slightly, haa haa haa. Just recently Mar has

Monday, June 29, 2015

Tides of time 2015


Dear Matt and Mar,

As the end of school year approaches, the amount of activities at school for the both of you had sky rocketed, haa haa haa haa haa haa. This past Wednesday was ‘prize giving’, each child was put into a category and was given a prize, Matt was in the ‘writer’ category.

Prize giving-00713Prize giving-00740What kind of took my breath away was actually after the prize giving, when we took Matt to try out his new uniform, lol. Suddenly, by just a change of clothes my ‘baby’ was no longer standing in front of me, but instead a little man was there staring back, lol.

It will be fun to teach you to do a Tie, I can still remember Mr. Burfield (Head Master of Skippers Hill Manors) teaching me the ‘Full Windsor’ (I’d just giggled, it sounded like a line from one of ‘Carry On’ films (now I am showing my age)).

Soon Mar will also have to change her uniform from an ill fitted t-shirt and colourful shorts to a ‘proper’ dress (with a hat)… truly the tides of time… and in an blink of an eye, ‘graduation’? Haa haa haa haa haa.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

No Playdough, lol.


Root farm Saturday-00874Dear Matt and Mar,

Well today was just a little strange, Saturday was going swimmingly, until we got to the last class of the day. Matt went to his usual Thai class with spring in his steps, but for some unknown reason Mar refuses to join the playdough group. Well there were already signs in the cars driving up to the place.

Instead, she wanted to got to the ‘Jungle house’, well, after some serious scratching of heads we’d finally found out that the so called ‘Jungle house’ was our last place of stay in Pattaya, haa haa haa. I think she was using the ‘Jungle house’ excuse not to join the playdough playtime.

That was a slight knock to the routine, but fortunately she had also mentioned about feeding some sheep, and we know that just down the road (walking distance) there was this ‘Root Garden’ right in the concrete jungle of Thonglor. We have been here once (briefly) before, and had already been written up in the earlier post.

But this time was slightly different, we actually had some ‘proper’ time to have fun. Matt’s class was for an hour, so Mar had at least that; your mother had decided to make herself more beautiful, so it was just Mar and I trodding along Thonglor to the ‘Root Garden’.

It was quite a great place to hang, the breeze was strong and the sun was in hiding, this combination meant it was enjoyable to be out and about again (rather than being able to fry an egg on the footpath). The coffee shop was fantastic, the prices were ‘too’ reasonable and the taste easily matches all the much ‘hyped’ brands out there, and most importantly they have ice cream… haa haa haa haa haa haa.

So there I was chilling and Mar was off somewhere feeding the goats and watering the plants (with a short ‘ice cream’ break), an hour felt like five minutes, lol. Soon Matt and your mother joined, and we had a discussion that Mar may never want to go back to the playdough class. It was kind of like a Déjà vu, Matt was exactly the same, after a year and a bit he turned around one day and said ‘no thanks’, and that was that for the playdough time.

Turned out to be yet another great Saturday though, lol.


Root farm Saturday-00879


Root farm Saturday-00887


Root farm Saturday-00907


Root farm Saturday-00906

Friday, June 26, 2015

New Routine :-)


Homework-PageDear Matt and Mar,

Since your mother is so busy at work, a new routine has developed in our house. I am now no longer the last person home :-) Most nights I would be home around seven-ish, just in time for you two to be finishing up your supper.

After supper would be some TV time, then the fun time begins... haa haa haa, shower and brushing of teeth never seems to get any easier, lol. Flushing out Matt’s sinuses is the latest routine, and that has helped out so much with his blocked up nose.

After you two are nice and clean, it would be time for homework, especially for Matt, but Mar, as always wanted to be a part of everything, so she has her ‘colouring’ homework to do too. This is probably my favourite time of the evening, Matt and I try to do all of the weekly homework by Wednesday. So for Thursday and Friday instead of homework we would spend about 40 mins on the PS4 playing Lego Marvels.

I’ve never expected Lego Marvel to be so much fun, working together with Matt to solve the puzzles has turned out to be the the biggest laugh of all. Shouting instructions to Matt and vice versa reminded me a lot of all the boarding school banters in the dorm (although this one is the ‘clean’ version, haa haa haa).

Around nine each evening you two would already be in dreamland... as for me? I would jump back onto the PS4 to save the world once more... haa haa haa.


[I don’t know how hit has happened, but apparently this post had been written way back in April, but for some unknown reason it was saved in ‘draft’ within Windows Live Writer (my utmost fav. program) and I had totally forgotten about it, until I saw it by accident just literally 3 minutes ago]

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Short break in Pattaya

[30.05 - 01.06.2015]

Dear Matt and Mar,

This past Monday was a our ‘Wisakha Bucha day’, this is a Buddhist holiday, in short it is the day when Buddha was born, achieved enlightenment and passing, for us Buddhist this is quite an important day (to say the least).

For you, it meant a long weekend (although we’d just found out upon our return that Matt and Mar both had school, haa haa haa, oh well).

Since our last break in Hua Hin was a bit of a nightmare (although it did turn out great in the end), so we thought we should get away once again, and Pattaya seems a good choice as any, and it has been a while since we’ve met up with our friend, and you both love to visit your Uncle Chat and his family (2 kids your age).

Driving East towards Pattaya was a bit of a nightmare, long weekend traffic is never enjoyable, unless you are a masochist. But finally we got there in the end, our usual place of stay (Villa Wanida).

SplashingYou both were in fantastic mood, the sun was out (but I’d wish it wasn’t, way too hot of late), and the birds were singing (it was probably cursing at the Sun for being too hot). After a quick lunch and a short break we all headed to the pool, and in no time supper time was upon us, so we all headed to Uncle Chat’s house (literally 5 mins away). You two and Gun and Chan (Uncle Chat’s kids) had a fantastic time, singing and dancing all evening... haa haa haa.

Sunday morning was a bit of a question mark on what we should do, but once again your mother came up with a suggestion, I am not exactly sure of the name of the place but it has sheep and ponies (what else does one need), haa haa haa. It was the morning well spent, you two had a great time. I wasn’t too keen on staying too long, the Sun was angrier than usual, even in the shaded areas were not enough to keep us cool.

Feeding time

Riding time


I’d decided we should stay away from the sun and heat in the afternoon, so we headed to the popular mall of lunch (nice and cool), then after some shopping we headed off to the resort for swimming time.


Yesterday’s and today’s pool time was terrible for me, jumping into the pool was like jumping into a freshly made ‘cup of soup’, haa haa haa. For the first time it was uncomfortable to be in the pool, the water was way too hot, instead of cooling off it was just the opposite, haa haa haa, but you two didn’t care one bit, lol. The evening were more dancing at Uncle Chat’s place, lol.

Came Monday morning (checkout day), we’d decided to leave early and head towards Sriracha Tiger Zoo, of course there were more than tigers, this was your only second visit. I was hoping for more breeze, but none came, luckily there were plenty of shades for us to dash around under, lol.

Tiger zoo

Mar insisted on visiting and feeding every animal in the petting pen (from elephants to little lambs, haa haa haa). Matt on the other hand had his heart on the fish feet spa and shooting the tiger’s feed (they put bits of meat in small cube metal boxes, which were hung five or six meters above seven or eight tigers in the enclosure, each box has a small round target above it, to which we would shoot with an air gun. If you hit the target, the box opens and releases the meat to the tigers).

By the early afternoon, after all the heat and activities, Matt was begging to go home and he was getting visibly tired, Mar on the other hand was like pac-man still running and singing. As soon as we reached the car, Matt was out quicker than the Enterprise on warp drive. I don’t know what Mar was on but there was no sign of her sleeping at all, so I resorted to putting on a cartoon for her to watch... snoring like an elephant about 5 mins later, haa haa haa.

It was an excellent long weekend, although we’d found out that we inadvertently took Matt out of school for one day, it was well worth it.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Women homeless shelter


Dear Matt and Mar,

As it was soon to be Otto’s birthday, his family was arranging lunch for the homeless women (shelter) somewhere to the north of Bangkok, you both, Sofia.R and several others were invited. However Sofia’s mother was away overseas, and as we are living in the same condo it just made sense for Sofia to come with us.


There was a slight misunderstanding so our group arrived a little late, lunch had already been served, so you three didn’t have a chance to help out, however you were in time to help out with the dessert though, running around handing out ice creams and ice lollies.

The atmosphere was so different than a couple of weeks ago when we visited the Orphanage, as mentioned earlier, these ladies must have had a very hard life, whether mentally or physically, and it was very obvious that they all needed help and I am glad there is a place like this to take care of them.

I had avoided taking any photos of the tenants out of respect for their privacy, but did manage to take a couple of photos of the gang as we were about to leave. We were in a bit of a rush as it was getting on, and I knew I had three very hungry children in the van, haa haa haa.

I can not post any of the photos here because I have not asked the parents of all your friends if it was ok for me to post a photo of their child in this post, I think I would be miffed too if someone posted a photo of you two on the internet without our permission.

After lunch Matt promised to meet up with Sofia for a swim, and as a bonus you two managed to play a game of Uno as well... No Matt, you didn’t win, haa haa haa. I do love the plastic Uno cards though, especially made to be played by the pool.

Because we were in such a rush (to the restaurant, as I could hear your stomach rumbling) I didn’t have the time to make a small donation to the shelter, but with today’s tech it was easier to find them on line, and by chance I’d also found another shelter under the same name but for men. A few days later a small donation was made to both shelter, I am planning to do this monthly, they do really need everyone’s support.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tiring Saturday… haa haa haa


Dear Matt and Mar,

I must have mentioned this several times throughout so many posts in the past, Saturday is the most busiest day of the week, haa haa haa haa, so many activities for you two.

During the weekend I always carry the camera around just in case a photo op comes up, and most weekends the camera bag stays closed, but even one photo makes it all worth the effort of lugging the blooming thing around all day.

Tiring Saturday-00312-horz

Saturday, June 6, 2015

A friend’s BD… :-)


SFD BD-00255Dear Matt and Mar,

There are three Sofias in your class, so each time we say ‘Sofia’ one must follow the ‘Sofia’ with the surname initial,it is the perfect solution, haa haa haa. Well unless you were me, somehow in my head it works better to follow each ‘Sofia’ with where they have come from... Sofia Spain, Sofia UK and Sofia Australia, the surname still leaves me in a blank state, haa haa haa.

Anyway Sofia.D (aka singing Sofia (she is a good singer), aka Sofia Australia) had her birthday a few weeks ago, and we were invited to a pool party, this was the first pool party for any of us. What a great idea, instead of hiring a clown or a magician, Sofia’s parents arranged for a pool party. The organiser comes to your pool with a huge water platform, toys, slides and so much more...

I was a little scared for Mar though, as she tends to want to join in with Matt and his much older friends, luckily the pool has a small kid pool but it didn’t mean Mar was going to stay where she had been placed... haa haa haa, she gave me at least almost 3 heart attacks.

The day was brilliant, after the pool party it all ended with 2 huge Pinata... wow, those kids can hit hard... haa haa haa.

I am avoiding posting too many photos of your friends, or where I can I’ll just blur it, or make the photos on the small side, privacy is not my call so less exposure the better :-)

                                  SFD BD-00216SFD BD-00201

SFD BD-00206SFD BD-00260

SFD BD-00265

SFD BD-00289x

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Barnaby Bear is Back

Dear Matt and Mar,

Barnaby Bear was back with us once again... wow, let the fun time begins, haa haa haa haa haa. Nothing to write really, just wanted to share the photos that were glued into your class book.

The book does the round with your classmates and all I can say is that... ... ... Matt, you have to improve on your handwriting... haa haa haa, no seriously you really need to improve, lol.


Orphanage Visit

Dear Matt and Mar,

We are trying to make this a ‘thing’ for the both of you, so it will be a twice a year visit to either an orphanage or other similar places. Otto (Matt’s close friend) went to shelter for homeless women, and I think this is the place where we shall be going for Mar’s birthday in November.

You two and us are lucky to have what we have, we may not be swimming in gold coins like Scrooge McDuck, but we have food whenever we are hungry, blankets when we are cold, air con when we are hot and a roof over our heads, we are healthy and life is full of opportunities.

Pakkred Babies' Home
For others life is a struggle as soon as they open their eyes to the world, so this year we took you two to ‘Pakkred Babies’ Home’ to make a small donation as it was Matt’s Birthday. It was great to see that the facilities are in great condition and the place is full of toys and activity zones (even a small swimming pool), looks like a good environment for children.

Coincidentally, this week was also the week for Matt to bring Barneby home, haa haa haa haa, not the most jolly of places to take the class teddy and then having to write a page of text on it (just write it big Matt, less room to fill) haa haa haa.

A few weeks after, as mentioned earlier, we went to the shelter for homeless women with Otto and his parents, and the atmosphere was very different, most of the tenants must have had a very, very hard life, which had affected them physically and mentally, we’ll leave that for another post.