Thursday, February 28, 2008

Friday 29.02.2008, see you tomorrow

4 weeks have just flown by, we are so happy to get a chance to see you again tomorrow, hoping that this time we can get a really clear picture of you, so as a prior warning, please don't put your arms up.
Your mother isn't going to have any breakfast tomorrow, she is trying to cheat the doctor (lol), she was told off last time for gaining the weight too quickly, so tomorrow her limit is to gain no more than a kilo. Apart from having no breakfast, and to show you how your mother's mind work, she isn't going to wear her jeans either (don't miss understand me, I mean she isn't going to go there with just her underwear)...
Tell you the truth, I don't think having no breakfast or wearing light clothes will help, in fact, even with no clothes she will still get told off by the Dr., unless of course she hacks off some of her body parts (may be a couple of arms or an arm and a leg) there is no way on earth she can fool the scale this time... haa haa.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Windows Live Writer & MSN Weather

I am a novice at this blogging thing but just in case anyone out there just like me, I would strongly suggest that you load 'Windows Live Writer', this is what I am using now to write this entry.

It is a small program, from the download information, it is approximately 5MB, I am connected to the Web through an absolutely ancient modem (56K), and it loaded with no problem. I have no idea if there is a better free tool for this purposes, but so far it is so what I need for now. Have yet to try out all the functions... looking forward to trying all of the bells and whistles with this new tool (for one thing it automatically does the spell check just like MS word).

On to another issue, for some strange reason, some Live Space users can add MSN weather gadget to their blog (preloaded into the Module/Gadget section) but for some this doesn't even appear as an option to be chosen!

Any suggestions?



Thursday 28.02.2008

I am guessing that in about 5-6 years, when you know how to control your thumbs and fingers properly, you'll be frustrated just like me right now. Because your mother will not let you play any VDO games!!! She will probably want you to play the piano or swimming or even learn how to cook (lol), she only has your best interest at heart although you won't feel it. Right now even I have to wait until she drops off to sleep (she gets tired quite easily now because you are taking most of her energy away, many thanks for that :) ) before I can power up the Wii (hooray).
Wii is a game machine for non-game minded group of players, the graphics isn't the best on the market but the game play is way up the top, just wait until I introduce Zelda: The Twilight Princess to you, come to think of it by the time you are able to play you'll be probably be playing the Zii or something... your mother is going to kill me when she reads this tomorrow morning... :)






Wednesday 27.02.2008

Are you dreaming of coconuts? I am so certain you must have dreamt about coconuts at least once this week. According to Thai's believe (well the people we know anyhow), drinking coconut milk (not coconut cream) will cleanse you of the fat tissues surrounding you at the moment, it will also give you more hair. So your mother have been knocking back coconut after coconut for a few days now.
I think she is so committed to drinking them, not because she hopes that you will have better and cleaner skin, but the main focal point is really the 'hair'. I am telling you it is really the 'hair', by the time you can make sense of this world, my head may resemble an egg (you can rest assure that I am doing everything in my power to avert this).

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Monday 25.02.2008

When you are old enough you'll find that Monday isn't my best day, so don't be angry if I take you to school late every Monday!

Your mother is already talking of your education, Kindergarden, Primary and Secondary, just imagine that, you are now minus 3 months (I mean I am not even sure if you have developed your ears yet?) and she already have the first 18 years of your life sorted (lol), so by the time you are here she should have your retirement plan sorted as well (only kidding).

I have a strong feeling that you won't remember this, but I have been talking to you for the past couple of months, so if you have any strange dreams of muffled sound coming from all direction, that would be me talking to you through Gio's not so little tummy. Last night was the time table (2 x 2 and so on), somehow I don't think you will like maths because you started kicking and punching from beginning to end, does that mean you won't be entering into the world of accounting and finance?

Gio is afraid that you'll look like me, haa haa haa, I think she has the right to be concerned... kidding, I am not that bad, honest...




Saturday, February 23, 2008

Saturday 23.02.08

Your mother was her usual self again today, woke up quite early this morning and headed straight to the kitchen :) afterwards she headed for the garden (with a hefty shears in here hands), which basically means a couple of trees or plants are doomed (this isn't a joke, so far all the tomatoes have died, and she must have planted at least 7 of them), you can see her candid skills for yourself when you are here.
In the afternoon we went to see 'Jumper' remind me to get you a DVD when you are here, actually thinking about it, by the time you are here (and able to understand) DVD could be the thing of the past, from the recent development it could well be 'Blue Ray' (another one of Sony's concoction). Not a bad film, by the look of things there should be sequel (may be 2 more).
I am not sure how heavy you are now, but your mother have gained almost 15 Kgs now... haa haa haa, apparently she just wanted to make sure that you are well fed (lol). You seem to be moving a lot now, you should see the smile on her face, I'll try to take a picture just for you.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

21.02.2008 Preparation

We can't wait to see you, and it won't be long now, we were told 'May' and it couldn't come fast enough for us. We have to get by seeing you once a month through the Dr's monitor, but so far we just couldn't get a clear picture of you, the best picture that we have is already in our mobile phones, why do you keep putting your arms up? :)
Only yesterday we were given a list of things to buy before your arrival, the list is longer than things to do when NASA launches a space shuttle! You'll be glad to know that we have already decided on the space where you'll be sleeping. Things will change around here that's for sure, old routines will be broken, just in case you wanted to know I am an old stick for routines, but will gladly change for you.
Gio is eating everything in sight, and she is blaming you... I know the truth (lol). Today is Makabucha day (very important for Buddhist like me), so today is a public holiday, Gio and I took a quick drive (an hour or so) to Samutsongkram Province specifically to Umpawa sub district, you can see the pictures when you are old enough (by the way we had a great time).