Friday, July 30, 2010

Just like riding a bike… eeerrrrmmm

Actually it is literally just like riding a bike :) Once moved, I have decided to get a bike, and now the question is what bike? Originally I had my heart set on a motorcycle, at last I was going to have my own small pocket rocket… Well that wasn’t meant to be, still too many oppositions :)

There is no way I am going to drive to work, as the office is only down the road (2 Kms), so downgrading (or upgrading) to a bicycle was a logical choice. Being a total nube in the world of bicycle, and so by the grace of destiny, I happen to be sitting next to a colleague who happens to own over 15 bicycles, there was probably no one better to give me all the info. I need.

We have already visited a couple of stores, one was right here in our building (Specilized), and today we walked across Suan Lum Park to another large store (Trek), I have a small budget in mind, and so I pretty much left it in his hands to IMG_1792make all the decision, and with a quick hindsight it was the correct thing to do. I never knew how complicated these bicycles can be now, just like building a PC, all components can be ‘a la carte’ (if you have the money).

Frame, head set, fork, rear derailleur, front derailleur, rims, brake (disc/calliper) and etc… What the &^(*! considering different brands and the different grade of parts within that brand, was enough to set my head spinning… so I was more than grateful for his help :)

After we finished looking around and the store staff did some ‘careful’ measurement of my ‘bike’ size :) this friend picked up his bike from this ‘Trek’ shop (it went in to change the mud guards), so on the way back we had to walk through Suan Lum again, but this time he let me have a quick ride on his (foldable) bike… What a laugh… it must have been forever since I had ridden a bicycle :)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

We got it (moving soon) :) and what’s up with the 3 days rule?

cigarettePA_228x339 Score of friends and various articles on the web all say it would take 3 days, then you’ll be over the hump and sail all the way to a smoke free life… Well, it had already been a week, a fully clean week ‘physically’, but ‘mentally’ is another matter, the need (craving?) is constantly nagging me, and I am looking at every opportunity to give myself a reason to have ‘just one more’… of course I am still clean… but today was the hardest…

Spent the whole morning at the Department of Land, finalising the purchase of the condo., talking about tons and tons of paperwork, luckily TCC’s representative (developer) was there to show the way. Arrived there at a quarter to nine, and I was out again at around eleven (the bank didn’t make it there until gone ten), so all in all it only took around an hour.

So, usually one would celebrate with a smoke (and a pint but as this was Wednesday and no where near lunch time, somehow it was fine to celebrate without that pint :) I was so, so, so very close… but they didn’t get me this time, decided to jump into a taxi and headed straight home :)

TheEmpirePlaceSathorn Anyway, as of this morning we have a new place to live :) hip hip hooo raaaayyyyyy, we have already chosen the wallpaper/curtain (amicably), the sofa and dining set have also been bought, the next thing is the most important… a fridge… decided to go with Fisher&Paykel, as for the rest, telly, washing machine, etc. would just have to wait a little, needed to get all the essential in first :)

Your mother is over the moon, you’ll be so much closer to the school, so no more hours and hours spent in the car getting all frustrated (2 hours to go 22 kms is quite a farce), not only that, I am now going to be close enough to bike to work (2 kms).

All of us welcome this change, and it would not have been possible without the help of your grandmother (as always) :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It’s (very) hard to say ‘Goodbye’ :)


Nothing much to say here, you started your summer school last Monday (12.07.10), which was a sign of you growing up, and soon you’ll notice the terrible addiction that I have… and the last thing I wanted is for you to be influenced by my action…

So, since your first day at school, I had decided to stop, to kick this habit of a life time… this won’t be my first time, I actually had a year break from this filthy habit when I’d left University, then went back on it again during my first job… so for over ten years straight now, I have been willingly enslaved to the plant :)

Getting back, last Monday was D-day… millions and millions kick the habit everyday, so this is nothing special… decided to give myself 7 days to slowly cut down, started on the Monday with 6, then down to 2 a day until Saturday, the Sunday was the first free day… It will be four full days, today… I do miss it… but there is no way I am going back… Like I said it was a habit, it felt a little strange after lunch and after work… but hey, habit can be broken, at least I am on the right road…

Many say, the taste buds will return, you’ll breath clearer, the sense of smell will be better and so on… and to be honest none of that happened to me, and I don’t care for it too much, all I know is that you’ll won’t smell it on me anymore… and that is enough to keep me going :)

Overall it has been relative easy, with support from your mother and friends at work (continuously giving me jibs, haa haa haa), made me laugh all the way… :)


Dad :)

Friday, July 9, 2010

It has to stop :)

logo_shopping_network We have the top ‘Platinum’ package on our cable network (True Vision), and with that comes about a gazillion channels, of course a normal child would have probably be glued to either ‘Nickelodeon’ or ‘Cartoon Network’, but nnnnooooo you have to choose something so terrible and soul draining for all of us to watch… ‘The Shopping Network’ (True Vision channel 10)…

happycallYour mother and I can not still figure out why it has to be the Shopping Channel, and it is literally killing us, as for the past month the same old items are being repeated and repeated and repeated and repeated, we are now at the stage where you mother can fully recite all the scripts for so many products… :) 

Your favourite being ‘HappyCall’ pan, a f*&^ing frying pan that has a f&^%ing seal that can be locked with a stupid f&^%ing magnet… aaaarrrrrggggghhhhhh. Every time this comes on you would gather up your mother and I to come and watch it with you, I am not sure if this is how you are getting back at us for not letting you watching too much telly.

Dad :)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

May be just a little too ‘Sabai’


Another terrible day on the road, so I had time to think back to the drastic changes we have made to your daily schedule. Usually you would be up around 06:30 to a bottle of 6Oz delicious milk, follow by breakfast at around 09:00, milk again at around 11:00, then a nap from about 11:30/12:00 to to around 14:00/15:00. So your lunch usually comes at around 16:00, plus another bottle of milk that would put your dinner at about 20:00!!! What?

We have realised the errors of our way, so now I get up at 05:30 every morning, among other things to get your breakfast ready by 07:00 (follow by a bottle of milk), this would put your lunch at a respectable time of around 12:00/13:00 follow shortly by your nap. You would be up again at around 16:00 for a bottle of milk then dinner at a perfect time of 18:00…

In the past you have thrown up in the evening, not everyday, but often enough for us to be concern, now with the changing of your schedule we are hoping this problem would go away :) So back to the picture, next week you’ll be starting your summer school, getting you there by 09:00 would be a challenge. This past Monday, the traffic was terrible, and the iPhone was our solution to keep you occupied, sitting in a car for almost two hours and going absolutely no where can frustrate all of us not to mention a little two year old with super hyper energy :)

The main reason that had made us changed your schedule was to get you to school on time (with breakfast inside of you), and so far in this trail week, we have not managed to get you there by nine, but we are getting closer and closer everyday ;)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Almost done :)

gpq-mortgage-calculators The Condo. project is working itself into a reality, your mother is still negotiating with the management to get the price a little lower, but we are not hoping for much. I have already talked to your grandmother for the financial side of it, all I need now is to work with the Bank to get the loan approved, they will come to the office to pick up some of the document just to get the whole process rolling.

This is a huge commitment , but like I said before, it just makes so much sense to move to the centre of the City :)  So things will be pretty tight for a while, I don’t really want to bother your grandparents too much, but what my mother willingly offered so far, is already far too much.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Less than a minimum wage :)

IMG_1662Your mother asked me to take a look at her FB a couple of days ago, she had posted a couple of pics of you, not surprisingly there was a long list of comments from her friends, and it left me smiling for the rest of the day :)

Love you… Dad :)