Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Has the fat lady sung?

Dear Matt,

Hopefully, It comes in threes, well you had the high temperature (39.7C), then as soon as that was over you developed a terrible allergic reaction to something (still recovering), and then last last Monday you had to be admitted into the hospital, because from one am to five am (Monday), you were vomiting on the hour every hour, and by seven you were definitely not yourself, probably tired from all the strain.

BNHEnough was enough, your mother wasn’t getting any rest and nor were you, and to have three things running one after another was just too much, so the idea to admit you really helped us on so many level.

The worst thing was when the nurses had to put in the intravenous line, luckily I was not there :)

You came out yesterday, and today we decided to let you go to Noddy for the 3 hours (in the morning), perhaps it was too soon, but after your afternoon rest you were as right as rain… like I said, I hope the fat lady had already sung her final tune with you :)


Monday, July 11, 2011

I am officially exasperated…

Hi Matt,

I am officially exasperated with the past 2 weeks or so, it all started with small rashes which were very itchy, after a hospital visit, a course of medicines were prescribed to take care of that, and it worked wonderfully as only after 3 days all the red patches went away, only to be replaced by a mind blowing 39.7 C temperature which even Tylenol couldn’t keep down. It took a couple more visits to the hospital to get this one under control.

Then the vicious red rash returned with a vengeance (another hospital visit), in about forty eight hours it became  a huge red rash taking over you entire back, then slowly it reached around to the front and suddenly it decided to do a two prongs attack, the main part decided to head south towards your thighs and then your calf, while the lesser part decided to head north, towards your head, swelling follows the red rash like a shadow… not a pretty sight :)

Last night we felt ever so sorry for you, scratching like mad in your sleep, so the next morning as soon as you had finished your breakfast, you made a well rehearsed trip to the hospital, this time there were no gentle inspection… The Dr. decided to take your blood sample, your mother said it was so heart breaking to hear you cry, sorry baby.

And at this very moment, your high fever have now return too… I truly hope you’ll be fine tomorrow…

Sunday, July 10, 2011

“What an interesting week :)” just got a lot more interesting :)

After all the hospital visits, the worrying 39+ temperature, the coughing, the sneezing not to mention all of those medicines and when we thought all of it was behind us, it all turned out to be just an ‘Hor d’oeuvre’.



Here is the main course, as soon as everything was returning to normal we discovered yesterday afternoon that Matt had developed these red blotches, and it was growing. Not giving it much thought, because he had this prior to the very recent high temp. spell, the Dr. just prescribed some anti-allergy meds. and after a few days the red patches were gone.


But by the afternoon the red patches just got angrier, and it was now spreading all over the neck and face, so we decided to once again visit the hospital… oh what joy.


Visiting yet another Dr., this one was a lot more methodical, and after a length discussion, we (actually probably me more than the wife) believed it was the darn ‘Strawberries’ he ate yesterday. The summer school starts this Monday, we are hoping all this will be cleared up by then, fingers crossed :)

Friday, July 8, 2011

What an interesting week :)

Dear Matt,

What an interesting few days, your mother noticed that you were slightly hot on the Friday which was your final day at school, then on the Saturday the slightly hot turned out to be hot, and very quickly turned out to be your first visit to the hospital, after all the meds. your temperature was still raising, we gave it the night to see if it would get better. Imagine your mother who was also suffering from a flu (but due to her pregnancy, no medications were allowed) having to get up every hour or so just to check you temperature praying that it won’t go above 40C.


DSC06088As it turned out, it almost did, on the following day (Sunday) it reached a close 39.7C that had prompted us to take another visit to the hospital, after receiving more medicine all we could do was to return home.


On the Monday, nothing was working fast enough for us, decided to change your Tylenol to Ibuprofen, it immediately worked, trust me you couldn’t have heard a louder sigh anywhere in the universe at that moment :)


All throughout Monday’s night I was up every hour or so measuring your temp. just so that we know exactly when the effect of the medicine had worn off, and it certainly did at around 3 am (Tuesday), signaling another dose of Tylenol.


By Wednesday you were pretty much down to normal temp. without any help from the medicines, however, that was when it was my turn to get ill. As soon as I woke up on the Wednesday I knew something was going to be very wrong in deed, haa haa haa. Ended up going to work as usual (too many important meetings to take the day off), then coming home that night was like reaching land after being lost at sea for 10 years (on a small dingy boat too).


On the Thursday, first thing I did after breakfast was to visit the hospital, after which I ended up sleeping for the next nineteen hours or so. And so here we are on the Friday (again), everyone is recovering, evn your mother and at this moment in time there is no one I worry more about than your mother :) hope things will also get better for her too (and soon).

Monday, July 4, 2011

39.5 C

Dear Matt,

It didn’t get better, your antibiotic was administered last night as soon as we returned from the hospital, and then again this morning. All through out the day through phone calls, Whatapps, SMS, BB Chat and so on, I was getting an almost minute by minute graph of your temperature, was it a bit over the top, perhaps but you have no idea how worried we were, and in fact still are.

I came home this evening and found that you temperature was above 39.5 C, the Dr. wasn’t too worried, just told us to give the antibiotic a chance to work and to give you plenty of water. Like what I have said before, usually Tylenol would work like a charm, but not this time, luckily earlier in the afternoon, I remembered there was an Ibuprofen syrup bottle in the fridge, and it said on the bottle for very high temperature. After your mother had checked with the Dr., it was fine to give it to you.

Ibuprofen was administered about an hour ago, together with the antibiotic, right now you are down to around 37.5 which is somewhat giving me a peace of mind, we are hoping it holds through out the night :)

39 C

Dear Matt,

We have never seen you this bad, the temp. medicine doesn’t seem to be working so we went back to the hospital again this evening, this time we were prescribed an antibiotic, that and the temp. med was administered around 20:00, and at 24:00 another dose of the temp. med was administered (also just gave you another rub down at around mid night), hope things will be better at 04:00.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

38.5 C

Dear Matt,

Here we go again, didn’t want to take any chances. The weather have been terrible lately and it wasn’t a surprise to have you come down with a flu, especially when you mother have been suffering from one for the past couple of weeks.



But as soon as your temperature went over 38 it was time to get you to the hospital, in the past we would fear coming to the hospital because we had to somehow get you to take the medicines that were prescribed, but of course those worries are long gone, giving you medicine is now as easy as getting you to eat an ice-cream :)

We were also armed with 2 iPhones, so keeping you quiet during the rub down was also taken cared of (we know all the routines off by heart, anything above 38C gets a rub down), with 3G running like it should Pocoyo was more than willing to keep you occupied :)

Anyway, you are still poorly, but hopefully soon you’ll be as right as rain :)

Unexpected Emotions

Dear Matt,

Your final day at Noddy was unexpectedly quite emotional. Noddy's Principal had arranged the usual farewell graduation ceremony, this round about 25 or so children were moving on to other places, some were leaving the country, but mostly moving on to other schools.

DSC05932-001There was a big flood at Noddy, so things were very difficult (getting in and out), ended up having to drop you and your mother off first, then drove across the small road to the parking area, after leaving the shoes and socks back in the car and rolled up my jeans to just below the knee (absolutely dashing), I had to slowly stomp across the water to the school and ended up having to borrow this lady's flipflops (red, which went really well with my office attire).



DSC05934-002So by the time I got into the School, the first break of the day had just started, kids were running and playing all around, suddenly I saw Daniel who beeline towards me, shouting your name, 'Panop up stairs', then suddenly turned around and headed to the stairs that  lead to the third floor, what can one do apart from following your best friend. He led me up all the way to the ceremony room, then suddenly left. At that moment I knew I was going to truly miss him, probably more than you will.

DSC05991Anyway, the ceremony went well, started off with a tear jerking song ("What the world needs now is love sweet love"...) which was sung by your older peers (from other classes who were staying at Noddy). The the Principal made a tear jerking speech (going into some detail of where everyone was going and how long some of them have been at Noddy), followed my a tear jerking graduation ceremony, and a crescendo ending with another tear jerking song.

I had expected you to run up to Elizabeth get your certificate and ran back down, I could not have been more wrong, you should ask me to see the vdo ok. As this was the final day of term Noddy was letting all children off school early, so today everyone was going home at around 10:30, but the flood certainly slowed everything down to a crawl, we decided to hang around and let you and Daniel play while most of the others queued up to leave (trust me it was a very long and slow queue, but luckily the school was giving away free ice-cream... even for parents :), before Daniel went we had a quick chat with his mum, promising each other that we would meet up (she only lives down the road from our place).

DSC06053DSC05994So that was it, finally day at Noddy, actually not quite, your summer school starts in a week, but Daniel and most of the others won't be there, so for me it won't be the same, but I would imagine that you will enjoy yourself the same as ever :)

There are load of photos of you and your friend, especially several gorgeous ones of you and Daniel, ask me to show it to you, I don’t feel comfortable posting their photos without their parents’ permission :)