Tuesday, April 29, 2008

29.04.2008: More tests

Last weekend was all about you; on the Saturday, the doctor wanted to make sure that you are still strong and healthy, so he had decided to put your mother on this 'bleeping' machine... here is how it works.

gio h There were 2 sensors, one to monitor your heart rate and the other measures the contraction/movement of the womb, there is also this little button that your mother had to press each time you moved.

She was there for over 30 minutes, the doctor wasn't happy with the first set of results so he decided to add another 10 minutes. We were glad to know that you are fine, because each time you move your heart rate also went up, this is a sign that your brain was working properly. By the way, wait until you get a job then your brain will really be messed up...

sdgs On the Sunday we had our next set of lessons, this time is how to hold you, how to wash your hair and give you a bath and so on. Because you weren't there, we had a substitute...

She scared the hell of me, but after a few minutes, we got to know each other, and she actually was very good, very quiet and didn't move much (actually didn't move at all).

This was my handy work, folding your nappy... I gave myself an A+ because she didn't make a sound (it could also be because she didn't have a voice box).

hrwerh Putting on the shirt thingy was even easier, by the way this shirt was on the wrong way round (my bad... hee hee). With this close up you can appreciate how your stand in had given me the creepers, those fixated blue eyes, expressionless face... ooooohhhhhh.

3 more weeks... your mother is finding it harder and harder to move, but she is enjoying every second of it :)

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