Sunday, April 13, 2008

13.04.2008: Songkran (Thai New Year)

Today is the beginning of Songkran (Thai New Year), you'll love it. One of the main thing for this 3 days festival is the total Nationwide 'water fights', this is the only time of the year when you get to see grown ups with wonderful colourful water pistols. We can not wait to take you along, may be in your fifth Songkran you'll really appreciate it. Special thanks to the people who took these photos (got them off the web) 


Just opened up another coconut for your mother, I must say I am getting to be a real expert at choosing the right coconut now, it isn't in the size but the weight... the heavier it is the more juice it will have (this theory will need at least another three or four rounds of experiment :)

13042008 Because of the extra long weekend (this time we got 5 days off),  your mother is on the cooking mode again :) and it all started this morning with 'Ma Moung Gouan' (Mango Puree). This morning she had spent well over two hours, slowly simmering Mangoes into a sludge. By the time she had finished, both of us thought it was a total disaster (me more than your mother :)

But when we got home this evening the few that she had separated in to small sheet was PERFECTLY SCRUPMTIOUS, 1-0 to your mother :)

Right now she is working on 'Pa-lo' I have no idea how to describe it in English, it is a Chinese dish and really fattening... That had just given me a thought, there is no way you are going to be thin :) not in a million years

ew Tomorrow she is going to make me some 'Salapao', the picture is what it should look like,  your mother's version is slightly different, this will be her second attempt. The last time, I must admit that it tasted alright (most of them :) but the funny thing was, it came is different sizes (which is not how it supposed to be), the smallest one was the size of a small fist, and the largest one was as large as Niagara Falls. This time she is more prepared, I shall tell you how it goes :) (fingers cross for the both of us).

11042008(001) As mentioned earlier in the previous blog, I have now jumped from 'Dial up' to 'Mobile Broadband' a bit late in coming and I couldn't be more happy with the move (so far, 1 day)

Took about 5 mins to set up everything, it was easier than eating a banana. Got the 'Yearly' unlimited package, somehow I think I have chosen the wrong package, never going to use it that much :)



P.S. While I was uploading the above, I had a quick run downstairs just to see how your mother was doing... and to my surprise this is what I saw....

IMG_1336 Ma Moung Gouan had learnt how to mate and gave births all in about 2 hours...

It will be an interesting breakfast tomorrow morning :)

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