Tuesday, April 22, 2008

19.04.2008: See you soon...

It was yet another scheduled meeting with the Doctor today, everything seemed to be in order so he wasn't going to do the ultrasound this time but your mother insisted on seeing you, so to the ultrasound room we all went... you'll get use this when you grow up... your mother is always right...

Apparently at this late stage of your development it is virtually impossible to have a good look at your face, the Doctor makes some measurement on this huge machine only to discovered the embryonic fluid that is surrounding you is a little low, it should be around 10 cms but you only have 8.5 cms at the moment.

It could be because of the hot weather of late and your mother insisting on living in the kitchen through out the Songkran's holiday (I still have over 10 Salapaos as my prove).

The Doctor have told your mother to drink a lot of water and to come back again in a week, so we shall see you again next Saturday, and lets hope you are swimming in more than 10 cms... Your mother is doping water like mad at the moment, even more than her coconut phase.



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