Thursday, April 17, 2008

17.04.2008: Your First Car...

You’ll be glad to know, yesterday we have bought you, your very first car :) I love it, not sure if you’ll appreciate it or not. It has 4 independent suspension with clip lock breaks (unfortunately there were no MacPherson Strut, sorry), double tyres set up for the front wheels, and a tough single tyre wheels at the back... wait for this... the tyres are punctured proof with a quick release, simply genius.

IMG_1346 It is an Italian design and build (judging by the various lines on the body it could well be an associated company of Pina Ferina), a cabriolet with a sunroof, the top takes about a second to raise, the handling is amazing, you can turn it on a penny. The interior is totally fantastic, with sporty upholstery (including at least 3 cup holders).

The seat actually comes in 2 separate sections, the first section is for when you are very small, then once you get bigger you can move to the second section, but the first section actually fits onto the second section... just like a transformers...

The heart of any car is its engine, this one is really special!  The engine is totally interchangeable!!!

Depending on how you feel, it could be ‘Mummy V-Tech’ (two legpowers, top speed is slightly faster than a snail high on salt) or if you wanted something stronger you can go for the ‘Daddy Twin Turbo Supercharger & Nitrox’, unfortunately it is still two legpowers but it has been tuned differently (it will also run on high alcohol based fuel such as ‘Snake Bite & Black’).

Of course there are other different engines you could choose from, such as ‘Uncle Chat’ or ‘Uncle Oop’ model but I wouldn’t recommend it as these two were made to run on PURE alcohol based fuel, quite dangerous in deed.



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