Friday, April 11, 2008

11.04.2008: 5 more weeks

It seems like with only 5 weeks to go, your mother is struggling more and more each day, finding it harder to walk and sleep, you are getting stronger and stronger each week, measured by the way you kick and punch, to the extent that she now jumps every time you move (followed very quickly by her usual humongous smile :)

xfg Your mother now walks like her boss (she is going to kill me for this), and sleeps like an aging sleeping security guard  (she has to be in a sitting position to sleep), so it isn’t easy but she is more than happy to go through anything until your arrival, she (we) can not wait to see you.

I think she is hoping that you won’t look like me :) I am not sure how that can really be avoided, haa haa haa, so I may have her on that one. Unless it’s the Milkman, but since we have no such thing as a Milkman here in Thailand, so undoubtedly you should at least have some resemblance to your old man :) (the Milkman reference is an English thing, I’ll explain it to you later, trust me it’s funny (well to me anyway)).



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