Wednesday, April 9, 2008

09.04.2008: Good Bye to Dial up...

I am not sure if you have seen the film 'I am Legend', like the film, I must be one of the few left who had not caught the 'Broad Band' virus (in Thailand), 'Dial Up' (call me a dinosaur 54.6 Kbps) connection is still serving me well.

All this is about to change, I have decided to move from 'Dial Up' to 'Air Card', instead of a more natural move to ADSL (especially for the home). There won't be a great jump in terms of speed, but the advantage of not having to set up ADSL and the ability to take the connection anywhere just outweigh the fixed line Broad Band.

Here in Thailand there are several operators who offer this service, AIS (the Giant (GSM)), Dtac (the protege (GSM)), True Move (still Thai (GSM)) and Hutch (trying hard to survive (CDMA)).

I was told Hutch have a dedicated pipeline just for Data (instead of mixing it with the voice pipeline), and especially for Bangkok, many people have only good things to say about Hutch and their mobile broadband.

If things go as plan by the time I write the next blog, I should be connected via the Hutch network... So if you are in Thailand, and wanted to change over to mobile Broad Band, here are a few pointers.

From asking around, for mobile Broad Band, you can do no better than either Hutch or Dtac. Hutch has less coverage, but their Bangkok coverage is superb but outside of Bangkok their coverage isn't so hot (

Another alternative is Dtac (, the number 2 mobile operator in Thailand (AIS has the number 1 spot)), for the past couple of years they have been trying to make a push in this business, their coverage is nationwide but their speed (so I've been told) may not be as good as Hutch (no scientific fact here, just words of mouth, so it could totally be completely and absolutely wrong :) (not to mention the other two mobile operators ( and, could turn out to be better than the two already mentioned), but again from words of mouth Hutch is the best for BKK



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