Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New Gang Member :)


The past weekend we decided to pay Uncle Chat another visit down in Pattaya, only three days earlier his and Larb’s baby arrived, a gorgeous boy who goes by the nickname of ‘Gun’.

As you can see in your mother’s expression, she was thinking back to when you were small :) She wanted to see how you would react to a new baby, you were definitely curious, and forever running up to the baby and talking to him, trying to touch and play, it was such a laugh :)

IMG_1244It was a great weekend, you had some time in the swimming pool both Saturday evening and Sunday morning :) Playing with uncle Chat’s dogs was another highlight for you although the weather was terribly hot and his dog was visibly suffering from the heat. We have been warning uncle Chat that his freedom is now over… haa haa haa :)

And the best of all, I didn’t leave anything behind this time, we been down to see Chat twice before this, and the first visit I had left the umbrella and some of your clothes, while after the second visit was even worst, I had left everybody’s clothes including your mother’s favourite swimming suit… lol. So this time I was determined not to forget anything behind :)