Friday, September 16, 2011

See you real soon :)

Dear Michella,

Well that is what your mother is going to call you, have no idea on the spelling myself but I am sure I am too far off with Michella :) Matthias is kissing you good night every night now, he also insists before going to bed for me to bring him 4 cups of water, one for me, Gio, himself and one for you, a kind of a water party before him going to bed.

images (1)Everything has been so hectic lately, with the new job, new school for your brother and so on, upon looking at the calendar I realised that I’ll be holding you in just over a month! Can not wait!!!

Your mother is on the coconut again, probably more than when she was doping the coconut the last time, really, really can not wait to hold you :)


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