Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Gio… :)

Dear Matt,

Finally we have managed to get you to sit in the hairdresser’s chair (27th September 2011), well, to be more precise I sat in the chair and you sat on my lap. Of course there were loads of tears but only for a short while. It was after your little gym session, you mother walked pass this hair salon (I still call it a barber) and there was a kid your age having his hair cut (loads of tears too), so that gave your mother the idea to give it a go.

The iPhone helped and the hairdresser was professional and quick on his toes, your mother was beaming from head to toe, she was so happy! When the hairdresser asked about the style, your mother said not too short and not too long, the hairdresser suggested a Korean or Japanese style, she agreed… I was worried, I am a (very) short back and sides myself :)

Ten minutes later you were out of the salon looking rather dashing… :) by the way your hair cut more than double than mine :)

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