Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hello HK :) haven’t seen you in while.

The previous time I was in Hong Kong, Gio and I were still only dating :) I love the place, the city has so many characters with very different characteristics, all melted into one huge delicious pot of life stew (somehow that sounded quite disgusting :) ). This time round I travelled with a colleague who happened to be very familiar with Hong Kong, which made my life so much easier (although we got lost, but that was only after a few beers though :) )

Away from meetings we managed to have a walk around, so out came the camera :)

DSC06797I just loved it, the composition of the buildings, the vibrant colours, and most importantly the vibes from the people, we asked a landlord, “what time will you close tonight”… “5 am”, short and swwwweeeeettttt, of course we didn’t make it to the last round :)







DSC07015 DSC07035

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