Thursday, September 15, 2011

Back to basic…

For the past few months or so I have been wanting to use another template on this blog, the original template that I have been using started off as a basic off the shelf theme, then with the power of internet I began to add things to it. Wanted a 3 levels drop down menu (had that), wanted a page navigation (had that), wanted little icon on my internet browser tab (had that), wanted round corners (had that too), the list goes on and on (even the ‘comment’ module I had to use Disqus). It looked fine when the page was loaded, but if you ever looked at the code behind it, it would give you fevers, I call it my private Frankenstein, for it was truly, truly messy.

But I had to do it that way, because when I first started using Blogger, the amount of customisation was very limited, and pretty basic, besides I was having far too much fun researching and trying different things, the community of bloggers on the Internet are amazing!!!

So I wanted to start again, using one of Google’s free template, this would clear out all clutter that had accumulated. I miss my drop down menu very much, but I am hoping one day a kind Google employee would have time to come up and offer a drop down menu for us mortals, instead of me using the hack and slash method to get the drop down menu, or the page navigation :)

I am pretty happy with this simple look, but most of the posts’ layout have gone a little wonky, and here begin the long task of looking at all the posts to correct the wonky ones, lol. It was just like when I moved from WindowsLive to Blogger.

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