Friday, September 16, 2011

I am happy, fixing the blog content width.

I am not sure when Blogger have updated the tools for us blogger users, but this ‘Add CSS’ is amazing. Now I can tweak the codes until the keyboard breaks ;) My old theme (main-wrapper and so on) was quite simple to take and educated guess at the CSS code (for its function) but on the other hand my old theme did not work so well with the new tools that Blogger was putting up, together with my fiddling with the old theme at the CSS level, meant the new Blogger’s tools were absolutely useless to me, and that was one of the main reason I have decided to change theme.

Anyway it was fun to start again, and now being able to use all of the tools at Blogger is very enjoyable. However the new CSS codes were very different, not so easy to take an educated guess. The main thing that I wanted to do was to fix the ‘main post’ width, so that when I decide to change the theme again, the format (layout of content) of each post would remain the same.

I came up naught upon searching the net, so decided to copy out all the CSS and use the search to find any key words that could help me to fix the ‘main post’ width, so here it is.

Putting the below code into the ‘Add CSS’ worked for me.

body .main-inner .Blog {
width: 800px;

The above would fix the main post width, but the content (the actual words and pictures’) sits under another CSS codes.

.post-body {
width: 750px;

The above have fixed my main content to 750px, so if I decided to change the theme again all I have to do is set the content width to 750px then all things should look the same, it doesn’t take a lot to make me happy, and I am truly am happy :)

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