Friday, May 27, 2011

What a disappointment Luminox (!

Failed Luminox 3151Was surfing on Amazon and came across Luminox 3151, as I was on the market for a new watch, it was the perfect timing (no pun intended). The price was not that cheaper than at ‘retail’ in the department store, but as I have not used Amazon in a very long time… it was simply the wrong decision.

The watch came today (from /, it was faultless at first, then after a few hours I’d noticed that the second hand looks a bit strange, simply there is a short hair size strip of metal protruding from the base of the second hand, perhaps the second hand was not properly pressed (cut) at the manufacturing stage, but how on earth did this get through the QC?

More importantly, the world famous ‘self-powered illumination Luminox Light Technology (LLT)’ isn’t working on the bezel of the unit I have in my hand :( 

Wow, what a bad experience this is turning out to be… anyway, I have already used Amazon email system to send a message back to the seller, I fully understand that being an overseas purchaser, most rights have gone straight down the loo… lets see what they can do to help :)