Thursday, May 26, 2011

Back to the Suanlum

Wanted to get you out of the condo., as by the late afternoon the sun was less angry than it had been all day, the heat have been totally unbearable of late. Without traffic it took us less than ten minutes to get to Suanlum, then another 45 minutes trying to find a parking space… lol. 



What can I say, what a determination on your face! Of course in actual fact I think you were looking at a cat :) running across the road.




Less than five minutes in and you are already on your second water break, I forgot how much hard work it could be cycling about 20 metres, must give you your credit though, the last time you were here you must have cycled around 2 kms.




“Reaching the Sand, we have, and now digging we must”. Your mother (and your brother/sister :) ) was so hot and uncomfortable, yet she found the energy to lug herself off the chair to come down and fan you, to keep you cool, so that you can concentrate the ‘oh’ so important, ‘sand’. Are you saying why it wasn’t me? Well I was taking the photo. wasn’t I! lol.




I like this one :)