Friday, May 20, 2011

My Little ‘Thor’ :)

IMG_2432I am not sure where you got the idea from, but since we've got you the toy tool set, you have been inseparable from your little orange hammer, as it turned out it was another bad, bad, bad decision on my part. In comparison to the 'hammer' the harmonica' that almost drove me over the cliff is like a full French kiss from an angle.

Now you are probably wondering, what you could have done to make this tiny, harmless, plastic hammer to become your father's worst purchase of 2011 (so far) or to make it worst than the dreaded harmonica (that is now hidden away, I am trying to find the time to take it back to the ‘Crack of Doom’ in Mordor).

It all came down to this one thing, no matter how small this hammer is, it is still pretty solid and with a small surface area, meaning more pressure (force per unit area) can be created, and of course in the real world, this simply means more 'PAIN'!

With your arm fully cranked, reaching high above your head each finger tightly grasping the hammer's handle, your body arched backward like a crescent moon even tip toeing to reach the maximum height, your whole torso shook from the strain, like a great dam of potential energy that is just about to burst... and of course it does burst; all of your might, your determination, your strength was transferred to the tiny orange hammer, then very swiftly to my head :) (did I tell you I was as sleep).

This new trend of waking me up by putting an orange hammer to my head is not only annoying but quite painful, it felt like such a wonderful idea in getting you this tool set... :)