Monday, May 23, 2011

Holy Noodle Schanoodle Batman

DSC05154-003Just in case anyone fancies a Japanese style noodles (Ramen) in Bangkok, there is no better place one can be than ‘Ramen Champions’ on Thonglor 10 or Ekamai 5 (depends on the direction you are coming from), the briefest overview is quite simple, 6 Ramen champions from Japan have set up shops right here in Bangkok, a great marketing ploy really (Mr. Tan of Oishi fame). Just in case you need more information, please click this link,, dedicated to all things interesting and fun around the Thonglor-Ekamai area. 


Due to my x-men like ability to find anything edible absolutely delicious, so I am literally the last person on earth you should turn to for critiques on food, so the ramen I had was quite (unsurprisingly) delicious :)

DSC05165-004I also liked the design of the place, six, closely knitted together smallish buildings all within a stone throw of each other really reflect the stereotype of the cramp Japanese urban planning, not sure if it was on purpose or just happened through the necessity to keep the cost down. The common area although small, was designed well enough to keep the whole place interesting, oh, the toilets could have been a lot better :)

The best thing of all, we managed to find a menu that Matt would eat… that night turned out to be a good one :)