Wednesday, May 25, 2011

RWGVI have been keeping a smallish Flickr library, originally all of the photos came from the iPhone, ‘Shoot – Edit – Sent’, simple and fun. Later Flickr became a great place for me to see other’s work, talking about a great mix of tastes, techniques and interests, a fantastic place to get lost in.

Anyway, ‘sherry.andbill’ commented on one of the photo in my flickr stream (of a view from the hotel on our Chiang Rai trip), that I should consider sending it to ‘’. Of course I did, soon after the submission (simple & straightforward) there was an email confirming the submission and the date that the photo will be published on the site (very professional in deed).
Please, I am not claiming it to be on the same pedestal as the ‘Nobel’ prize, but to tell you the truth, I was ‘way’ chuffed seeing my photo on another site :) (here is the link to my photo).