Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Summer School :)

IMG_181112.07.2010 was your first day at school, admittedly it really wasn’t proper schooling only a ‘summer school’ (for the time being) at Noddy Playgroup, real schooling will start in September also at Noddy :) We have started preparing for this day, one week prior, and as I have told you earlier one of the biggest things we had to change was your daily schedule, and this week long dress rehearsal paid off beautifully.

The iPhone started screaming at 05:30, stumbling my way out of the warm cosy bed, down the stairs, along the short corridor and straight to the kitchen. The routine was well rehearsed, the night before I had already put three full spoon of brown rice in a small dish, this saved about two minutes, and of course every minute counts. The rice go into the saucepan, rinsed once then filled the pan back up with water, put it on the stove with the lid and cranked up the heat to full... 5:40... and counting.
To the freezer is next, since you were born we had carefully prepared and categorised the meat, liver (pork and chicken), minced pork (rolled up in palm size ball laced with flour and light seasoning), pieces of chicken, spare ribs, beef (not anymore) and so on, all contained in individualised Tupperware stacked neatly in the freezer. For this today’s breakfast, I needed mince pork and a couple of spare ribs, all that went to the microwave straight from the freezer, 5 minutes on power level 1…

Vegetables (by the way all of the menus come from your mother, I am just the hands here :)) fresh spinach and fresh coriander… After carefully picking only the tender leaves to fill about a handful, then chopping it up nice and fine… ‘Ding’, the meat (now thawed) and vegetables are now ready to be put into the boiling brown rice… (Note to self: must not forget to lower the heat).

The cat comes next (no, this isn’t a part of your menu), recently we had adopted a cat, actually for the past couple of months I have been climbing over into the neighbouring house, to feed this small kitten (it’s mother had disappeared for a few days, before I decided to do something), and last week it was big enough to climb the fence and now it is living under our roof, he is super cute, and you love to play with him, so we let him stay :) Putting the food out for the cat took about a minute and another nine minutes to play with it :) 05:55...

The next 30 minutes is freestyle, a pray, watering plants, washing up and so on :) the time I was waiting for was 06:30, this is when you (usually) wake up. Of course your mother would have already been up and got herself ready... From now on the precise timing goes out of the window, everything is in your hands...

IMG_1755We needed to get to Noddy before 09:00, ideally we would like to be there by 08:45, this would give you time to mingle with your friends before your ‘good morning song’... So the wheels need to be turning by 07:30 (at the very latest), in that hour from you waking up to us putting your little arse in the car seat, your mother had to be on her top form... and she usually was. In an hour you had to be fed, washed and dressed, trust me it is easier said and done, one needed a patience of a saint, footwork of Pele + Maradona + Messi + Mohammed Ali, hand speed of Bruce Lee and strength of Hercules... No wonder your mother is in such good shape :) 
IMG_1729Believe it or not Noddy is only 25 Kms away, but the traffic is so bad we have to allow at least an hour and a half for the road (that is why we have decided to move). Making it there in an hour and a half is an achievement in itself :) to see you lined up with your friends and (trying) to sing your ‘Good Morning song’ was totally worth all of the effort... :)