Sunday, August 8, 2010

Got it at last…

Although things are a little tight at the moment, but I just had to get it :) I’ve been without a decent camera since the D90 was stolen, I actually had the ‘soon to come’ (or so I’ve heard) replacement for the D700 in mind, even budgeted for it… Alas, like all great plan, the actual unfolding of events is of course absolutely no where near the original plan.

DSC00084Well, the D700’s replacement never showed up, then this little pocket rocket came from Sony, the NEX-5. I’ve been told that the body is actually produced in Thailand while the lens are from overseas… I think the supply was a poorly managed, I had to wait for over a month, and last Friday the lady at the shop called to tell me that the camera had arrived… even before she had put the phone down, I was on a motorcycle heading at warp 9.99 to the shop.

Like all the things I’ve read, and expected, I do miss all the dedicated physical dials and buttons… going to the menu to do almost anything was a bit frustrated at time, but the ASP-C sensor, and the pixel density of 3.9MP/cm squared, was too tempting…
By the way, here is a picture of you eating, of course you’ll have no idea on why this is such a big thing for us, for this is the first time you were eating by yourself (with a spoon, and not just randomly stuffing things into your mouth), it is just another sign that you are growing up… just like the first time you tried to put on your shoes, I still find myself mesmerised by your determination to put on your shoes, and yesterday I found myself smiling from ear to ear when you decided that you were now capable of putting on your own trousers… let me just say, stuffing both legs down one leg of the trousers, and from the feet to the waist… baby you couldn’t have got it more wrong, so I’d guess you’ll be needing my help just for a little while longer :) lol