Saturday, August 14, 2010

Continuous, fixed exposure & focus

Test Nex5

Traffic was just a little too slow, so there was time to whip out the cam. (Nex 5), decided to test the continuous drive… quickly, dove down into the some what confusing menu (could be because I have not used a Sony system before), found what I needed ‘Speed Continuous’ (simply, fixed exposure and fixed focus).

Composition was tough, decided that I must have the rear side mirror in view, after that the composition was kind of decided for me… Putting this .gif together was easier than drinking a pint of bitter on a rainy Sunday evening, using Gimp and a few clicks… that was it.

What a lark… not a bad camera, I wished they could have made it more ergonomic, surely a couple more dials couldn’t hurt (lol, only kidding Sony). Because of this model, I am now paying a lot more attention to the rest of the Alpha line… Perhaps their full frame??? only if the keep their pixel density LOW… :)