Saturday, August 14, 2010

Feeling pretty bad…


It must have been last week when your mother took you to the doctor, on that morning she discovered that your hair was falling more than usual, a lot more than usual.

The doctor decided that the hair thing was nothing to worry about, but he was a little concern with  your cold that have been very persistent (almost 2 weeks now), and that your temperature was still a tiny, tiny bit higher than your normal.

So you were given loads of medicine… I would rather put both hands, as well as my head in a bowl of boiling hot oil than giving you your medicine…
For a while it was simple, we just added it to your milk, then you got wiser so that strategy went out of the window. Ran out of idea so we decided to go back to how the nurse did it… syringe… squirting it into the cheek of you mouth… like all things, theory = simple, in practice = f-ing impossible.

When we did it the first time, you puked up your dinner and all the medicine… note to self… never give medicine after meal, even an hour after meal. Talking about a mental barrier, we hate giving you medicine… things are slowly getting better, but I think I am squeezing your mouth too hard (feeling rather bad about it at the moment), well it’s like a learning curve on both sides, you are now very skilful in pushing out medicine with your tongue, and I am getting in better in my timing… only to inject the medicine when you are not crying… So, I am sorry baby, but you need your medicine to make you better… :)