Friday, May 7, 2010

Sorry baby

Yesterday was a typical Thursday (07.05.10), we actually left the house quite early but the traffic was absolutely terrible being the first working day from a extra long weekend, apart from that it was quite uneventful, as usual your mother would firstly drop me off at the MRT, then she would drop you off at my parents before driving all the way across town to her office, as it turned out, it was quite uneventful all day.

As usual your mother and I picked you up around eight thirty, you were bright eyed and bushy tailed, which was a bad sign for us :) getting you into the car seat was now a simple matter of giving you an iPhone, but getting the iPhone back so that you would fall a sleep was damn near impossible.

Eventually you felt a sleep (we had to take a detour yet again), another autopilot mode, after parking you would be left sleeping in the car while we unload all the stuff, then I would dash upstairs to turn on the air conditioning and the air purifier at the same time your mother would unseat and take you upstairs :)

Usually one of us would be with you while you sleep, but on this day both of us were in the kitchen eating and chatting :) Eventually I went up stairs carrying your mothers’ flask of warm water and your bottled water, half way up the stairs I heard you sobbing, automatically I shifted down a gear and started running.

You were on your knees with your face on the pillow still sobbing, I picked you up to discovered that your pyjamas was wet, then there was this very familiar rancid smell. You must have been crying quite a while, in fact you must have cried so hard you vomited all over the bed.

You have no idea how bad both of us felt, while your mother was cleaning you, it was my job to clean your cot, I had to stripped down all the beddings including your duvet, absolutely everything. After you were all nice and clean once more, and all the sick covered beddings and etc. was out of the room the difficult task of luring you back to sleep began.

You were continuously sobbing, I saw that your mother had everything under control so I decided to leave the room to start on washing your stuff, as soon as I stepped out of the room, your sobbing became a full blown cry, you were reaching out for me… pulling me to stay… and of course I did :)

All three of us laid on the main bed, your mother was singing your favourite song (the ABC song), by this time it must have gone past eleven, slowly you began to settled down, so I asked your mother to go and take her shower whilst I stayed with you. Of course, me singing to you was never an option, humming and chanting was more my tune :) By the time your mother came back you were fast a sleep.

I was thinking on leaving your dirty stuff soaked in water and wash it the following day, but decided against it, it was better just to get everything over with, after washing it all once by hand, I put everything through the washing machine (with an extra rinse) just to make sure to get all the smell out.

The last time I glanced at the clock it was was screaming one forty five :) On the following morning it was like someone had pushed your reset button, once again you were bright eyed and bushy tailed while you mother and I looked like death warmed up.