Monday, May 10, 2010

730 days ago on 05.05.2010…

The one person I have to congratulate on your second birthday is really your mother, talking about dedication and patience, I have been there all the way too, but more like a ‘First Lieutenant’, taking charge of the deck when the ‘real thing wasn’t there :)
Anyway, many congratulations on your 730th day, undoubtedly you’d have noticed there were 3 candles on your cake, apparently it’s a ‘thing’ in Thailand to stick in an additional candle for the future :) Your mother and I have cherished every second, laughed at every single one of your new quirk and trait, got angry a couple of times, have been absolutely exhausted most of the 730 days we’ve been together. But no matter how tired or frustrated we were, all emotions would melt away at eight am sharp, as you start to sing our national anthem along with the telly, singing in your own tongue appallingly trying to match the rhythms, and climaxing with a high wave of your right hand on the last few notes of the anthem, a classic :)
Soon you’ll be off to pre-nursery, another adventure for your little feet, you’ll be fine it’s your mother and my parents that I am worried about :) I could easily imagine your mother and my mother camping outside the school and taking turn to hide behind a shrub within the school grounds just to make sure you are ok :)
Playing hide and seek is the favourite of the moment, not that you are particular good at it, hiding under a thin blanket with ninety nine percent of your body still outside was a bit of a give away :) not only that, the way you would uncontrollably giggle as soon as I got near just destroyed the whole point of game :)
IMG_1482 Over the past few weeks your mother have been wanting to get you a sandpit (I am not sure if that sounds right or not), anyway, so, I think we got the basin almost 3 weeks ago but was having some difficulties finding the right kind of sand. After asking around at all the gardening sites, the sand that would be best was actually ‘fine’ construction sand. Only had the opportunity to go and get the sand this past weekend (much to your mother’s joy), and after setting everything up (just wanted to let you know, sand are heavy!), all you wanted to do was to empty out the sand! :)
Right now your mother and I are looking for a new place closer to the city centre, purely and simply because we don’t want you to have to be up before sunrise just to get to school on time, it is proving to be quite an expensive decision but what can one do? :) There are a couple of options at the moment, finger cross, lets hope something turns up for us all :)