Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Waving and a Cold…


For the past  few weeks or so I have been  trying (not hard) to get an invitation to Google Wave, all the while not expecting anything, and suddenly a friend of your mother sent her a Facebook’s message asking if she wants to be invited!!! Just imagine my face… your mother… who had been banished from Geekdom on the day she was born was going to get an invite?  Luckily I also know that person (his nickname is Boat, most if not all Thais have nickname from birth, your mother is Ja y and now it is Gio), I kind a took a little liberty and quietly / humbly / subtly  asked if he could also invite me… :) :) :) :) :) He did :) What a guy… :)

Immediately afterwards I was obsessively checking my gmail account, refreshing it… oooohhhh about 25 times per second nothing happened, in fact the invitation did not arrive until today… So your mother, Boat and I have been ‘waving’ to each other… here was my comment on Facebook…

"Been trying Google Wave for the past couple of hours... I think it needs more fishes in its pond... feels rather empty at the moment... kind of 'waving' to oneself in the mirror :), liked it so far, have been waving to/with a couple of friends... Google is definitely spicing things up in the e-mail world :)”

On a totally tangential topic, you had developed a slight cold yesterday, both your mother and I were busy so it had gone way passed nine before we started to set off home, as usual you were fast as sleep by the time we pulled up in the garage… As your nose was runny, we decided to give you some medicine while you were sleeping… the operation was not successful, you were just too tired and we didn’t want to wake you up… mission abandoned :)

You are looking better this evening, right now you are eating your dinner and I think by the time I get downstairs, you would have showered as well :) Lets hope you sleep well tonight, the weather is changing fast and many small infants are getting poorly, lets hope the weather picks up soon.

Love you.

Mum and Dad