Friday, November 13, 2009

No more surprises…

logo100 Travelling and getting lost in the ‘blogspot’ Universe is one of my favourite ‘nothing else to do’ thing, to be out there and not knowing what will be coming up next is quiet refreshing, best of all, blogspot made it so easy with the ‘next blog’ button just sitting right there at the top of most blogspot blogs, that is until now.

The randomness aspect in a purely (or mostly) user generated content can be a real eye opener, admittedly most of the blogs are nothing more than a diary of their lives, the opportunity to have a quick peer into a slice of their time and events that the users were willing to share is somewhat intriguing.

Of course, at time it can be very repetitive, there are endless blogs about their first child (seem to be a very popular one, including our own) not to mention travel blogs, again, the ‘next blog’ button would just zoom me out of there and land on a totally different world (rarely, it even landed me in a world which only belongs in a darkened room which in only lit by the red ash on the end of a burning cigarette).

Nor matter how mundane the blogs are, I always find myself reading at least a couple of postings before jumping out of there, just like in Harry Potter’s ‘Floo’ network (which is governed by the Department of Magical Transportation of the Ministry of Magic); ‘next blog’ is my Floo network but governed by Blogspot (AKA Google).

Unfortunately, ‘next blog’ button is getting an upgrade, it is now going to be intelligent :) it will now simply take me to a blog which is similar to my own, which mean a never ending story of babies!!! (I have tried it, and hooray to them, it really worked… nothing but blooming babies!!!). My Floo will no longer take me to a ‘Burmese’ blogger (although not understanding a single letter, it still gives me a sense of something unexpected)…

Like all things tech, there is a work around, one can go to, it will play a slide show of random pictures from various blogs, and all one have to do is to click on a picture that is of interest then it will zoom you off to that particular blog… not a bad work around, but unfortunately not all interesting blogs has great pictures… well, it is better than having no Floo network at all :)