Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Guess where we are going?

MarcellaYou are only 9 days old and this is already your second ‘real’ visit to the hospital (the first visit was only for check up). Previous visit the Dr. said your tear duct was blocked in your left eye (your mother noticed there were a lot of gunk in the left eye, so that was the prompt for your first real visit).

For this second visit, we were to see an eye specialist, it was painless enough (for us, lol). The specialist only spent a few minutes with you, apparently the symptoms for blocked eye duct and an inflammatory eye are quite similar, she told us to increase the frequency of the eye drop to once every two hours instead of three times a day. The Dr. said to try this for a week then come back again next week... Fingers crossed, hopefully it will be better soon :)

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