Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Scratching our heads :)

Dear Matt,

DSC08985Since the arrival of Marcella, we have been trying hard to balance our attention between her and you, and to be very honest I think we are doing an excellent job :) Auntie Tip is now here to help out in the morning as well as in the evening, she totally adores you and often take you for a swim (which is by far your favourite activity).

However, during this past few days you begin to make this single, very specific request which is breaking our heart, because we could not give it to you. Not because we are not capable of giving it to you, but simply because we can not for our very lives $%$#@#% make sense of your request :) The request seems simple enough, you want to go to a ‘living room’ (and it is not our living room, that would have been a too simpler task :), and it comes every second of the day. “Papa I don’t want to go to school, I want to go to living room”, “Papa, can I go to the living room today, please, please Papa”.

You: Papa can you take me to the living room today?
Me: Of course, can you tell me where the living room is?
You: It is very far away (then you would point out of the window, sometimes you would answer “India”, I am still waiting for “China” to appear in our conversation.)
Wait ten minutes, repeat above.

Your mother and I are scratching our heads most nights trying to decipher what or where this elusive ‘Living Room’ could be or mean, and as of right now we are still totally blank :) Just for laugh, I am thinking of putting you in the car and just let you point the way, should be an interesting experiment, lol.

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