Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I have Google+ :)


For some unknown reason Google did not permit ‘Google Apps’ users to have a ‘Google Profile’, consequently this meant that I could not have the much talked about ‘Google+’.

So (very uncharacteristic of me) instead of using the other Google account to create the ‘Google+’, I decided to wait until Google kindly enabled it for all ‘Google Apps’ users (like they said they would).

So for the past couple of days I have been living in the Google+ universe, this isn’t a review, just a penny for my thought here. Google+ is a new social network that uses ‘circles’ to group your flock, with interesting (fresh) UI, it is still a social network at the core (of course), but I think it is as (functional) dynamic as twitter and will probably will be as deep as Facebook but with cleaner and easier layout to understand. I like it, like many, we all have more than one pair of shoes, so I can live with just one more pair for now…

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