Monday, June 13, 2011

Your first ‘Proper’ party :)

DSC05319-001Well, how does one define a ‘proper’ party (rather than a pi** up every Friday night, lol), well, it starts with a proper invitation; Subject: Chloe’s third Birthday, Date: Saturday 11th June, 3pm onwards, Location: @ Poolside.

I think I was more anxious than you were, for the first time we were going to really meet with our neighbours, and to actually talk to them rather than a smile and a nod of a head.

I must have taken a billion photos, but as you already know, it just doesn’t feel right for me to post photos of children we neither clothed nor fed, lol.

DSC05323As always we were late, you having woken up at half two, by the time you had your lunch got cleaned up, it was close to three thirty. With present in one hand we rushed (well, walked fast) to the pool side.


The party had (obviously) already unofficially started, as always, when there is a large crowd you would be all funny (not haa haa funny either) but all of a sudden gone extra, extra shy.

Body paint was a fantastic idea from Chloe’s mum, what a great ice breaker, I was surprised that you chose a spider and a web, I thought you hated all things with eight legs.


What a fantastic first proper party, it had everything… body paint, animal balloons, party games, presents, magic show and the cheery on top was a Pinata

We certain had a great time, and we know you did too, judging by the amount of smiles and laughs we saw and heard that afternoon. :)

Thank you Chloe… :)



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