Monday, June 6, 2011

Wat Trimitr (The Sukhothai Trimitr Golden Buddha Image)

Your grandmother have been mentioning this temple for a few weeks now, so it was our destination for this week’s Saturday-Scape :)


After reading a few articles, here is the gist of it; this Buddha image is over 700 years old, and apparently while Thailand was waiting for the impending invasion by the Burmese, a team of monks put plaster all over this Buddha image, so that it would be overlooked by the invaders, well, I guess it worked.

Fast forward, in 1955 while this Buddha image was being moved, some of the plaster came off and the monks noticed the golden colour beneath… Wow! 

DSC05278-007What I really liked about this temple, isn’t just the history, but the two museums beneath this Buddha image. One is of the history of this Buddha Image (we didn’t manage to see it this time) and secondly, the history of Thailand’s China Town (Yaowarat). Although small, the China Town museum made up in its quality, well worth a visit.

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