Sunday, October 3, 2010


DSC01468 3

3 Weeks in and we are slowly getting into the routine of things, and one of the many advantages of routine is ‘speed’ :), we are getting things done much quicker now and soon I promise you’ll be at school on time for once (haa haa haa).

Your appetite seems to be a little better now, but still refusing food when you ought to be eating. We are hoping this is a phase and time will help to make you eat just a little better, believe it or not, your mother and I would sometimes hold our breath when you put a spoon full of rice into your mouth, hoping that you would not spit it out… 

Your hair is now definitely falling less and less, but now and then we still find ourselves discussing the cause of this, I am actually leaning towards the high temperature you had prior to this, as a cause of your hair falling, your mother isn’t convinced otherwise.

Considering that the composition was a little off (above, will crop it when I have more time), as well as the focus (your mother is in focus rather than you), but taking the whole thing into consideration, this is by far my favourite photo. of the whole library :) I had to rushed to be ahead of you and your mother, then quickly turned around before firing off this one shot while walking backward… it could have been a lot worst :)

You are now sleeping… I am writing this blog while your mother is on her notebook doing some actual work, just thought that you may wanted to know :)