Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Another grrrreeeaaatttt idea (no sarcasm here)

The day without school has your mother and I in a bit of a twist trying to keep you occupy, especially in the morning. Well, your mother decided to take you to Suan Lum while the sun was just getting out of bed (really early in the morning). 
What a different Suan Lum this was, I never knew that the busiest time in Suan Lum was in the morning, generally there were less people exercising, but at this early time Suan Lum becomes a real ‘community’ hub, mostly for the Chinese senior citizens.
All this was nothing new to your mother, she used to come here for a run before going to church then work (as a result she was always late), so she knew exactly where to go… she took us to probably the best food court in greater Bangkok :) Sorry no pics, as always you were such a handful :)


DSC01407 2

DSC01397 2DSC01424 2DSC01417 2