Thursday, October 7, 2010

Special Fondness :)

12 Roses Your first lesson every Thursday morning is Gym, so instead of dropping you off on the ground floor we have to take you to the third floor (because we are always late :)) where there is a smallish Gym next to the music room, it reminds me very much of my first school in England, Skippers Hill Manor (some fantastic memories there).

I’d guess to make Gym class more interesting the school had decided to put two classes together, doubling the number of pupils to the amazing number of 12ish (lol). So this is when we discovered that you have this ‘special fondness’ for this gorgeous little girl ‘Miss P.’..., by the way baby, I am so, so, so relieve... to know that you have great taste... she is totally adorable.

One of the class helper (assistant to the main teacher) told us that yesterday you were running around after Miss P. all afternoon, as soon as she said that, you got up (in the Gym class), walked over to Miss P. and started prodding her cheek with your index finger (I am sorry the description sounds like an engineering manual but this is the best I could do, not to make it sound seedy :)), I was a little worried that Miss P. was going to get annoyed (and of course she has the right to be annoyed), but as it turned out, she seemed to enjoy your company :)