Friday, September 3, 2010

A view from the 17th floor :)

From The Empire Place (426x640)

Baby, I took a day off today, needed to be at the condo to watch over the team who came to install the curtains… of course it didn’t turn out as planned, but close to it. 

The whole thing would have been so much easier if all the walls were made from concrete (cement) but instead part of some walls were just gypsum… :) Well, let us say, with perseverance almost all rooms now have curtains tonight.

This picture was taken a few days back… this place will change our lives for better or for worst (hopefully for the better), no more running around on grass, it will now just be on concrete, but at least there is a great pool :) and you don’t have to be spend hours and hours in the car anymore :)

We are aiming to move in, in about two weeks… The beds will be arriving this coming Monday, we are now looking to get all the small things to make it more homely, of course you won’t appreciate it (too young for that :) ), but I am hoping you will like it, because at the end of the day all this was done for you :)

Mum & Dad :)