Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Here we go again :)

DSC01395 2

Here we go again, it seemed like for the past couple of months it has either been one thing or another with you, we have now identified that you need to take your congestion med. but on the other hand your temperature keeps going up and down, you’ll be normal for a couple of days, then suddenly your temperature would just shoot up to 38.5c.

Your school had just come out to inform all parents that the 2009 Flu (H1N1) is now back, and several students have already been diagnosed with it.

However, since this past Saturday (eyes left), you have been fine so far (fingers cross), your appetite is kind of returning (just have to make sure that you are hungry, and your mother needed a patience of a Saint), just to round things up, your hair is not falling out so much now either.

It is so good to see your mother happy again, now that you are eating once more… :)