Saturday, December 12, 2009

You got us worried again...

Everything was fine Wednesday morning, your mother was looking forward on taking you to the pool for your weekly swim (and as usual I went to work).

By the time I was home you were already asleep, which was not that common, after going through the normal routine, I finally had a chance just to say hello to you (even though you were asleep :) ).

The first thing that was blatantly obvious, you were slightly hot to touch, and that is never a good sign, ended up rushing around like a headless chicken trying to find that darn thermometer.

Once you become a parent there are several rules that will be imprinted in your brain, and one of these rule is the ’39co’ rule, this magic number automatically puts us in the ‘wipe down then hospital mode’.

After anxiously waiting for the ‘beep’ (on the thermometer), it read 38.4co, which was too uncomfortably close to the 39co marker, we decided to execute the ‘wipe down mode only’ (this was learnt from the nurses at the last time you had similarly high temperature, the key is to use lukewarm water and to turn off the air conditioning, both of which we had forgotten to do (sorry)).

Your mother ended up getting into the cot with you, she had the task of wiping you down while I had the responsibility of changing the damp towels, the technique is to wipe ‘firmly’ but not too hard. It was difficult for us, as you ended up sobbing all the while she was wiping you down.

After several minutes your mother remembered that we had some medicine left in the fridge, even before she had finished the sentence I was off as fast as I could (in relative term, probably not as fast as ‘flash’ but faster than a three legged turtle with a limp and a ball & chain).

It must have been around one in the morning when you were asleep again, ended up monitoring you all night, the temperature were still hovering around 38co through most of the early morning.

Luckily, the following day was a national holiday (Constitution Day), meaning there were hardly any cars on the road, making the trip super quick. To our surprise there were many babies and children in the waiting room. You were showing a couple of good signs; cheerfulness and heartily appetite, once the nurses finished the normal initial examination (weighting and temperature measurement (38.4co)) she ushered us to a separate room for a more professional ‘wipe down mode’ :)

IMG_0277 I never knew the iPhone could be so useful, apart from being a wonderful ‘boy’s toy’, it acts as a first class distractor, stopping you crying instantly :) I am still not sure you how many people you had accidentally called or how many apps. you had inadvertently deleted but as long as you were happy it was fine with us :)

Your usual Dr. was not in, luckily we had another wonder lady Dr., she was great and examined you with ease, you had a little sore throat but it was not developed enough to give you antibiotics, but she gave us a choice, we chose to take both medicine. One was the normal med. to keep the temperature down the other was the antibiotics but we were to use the antibiotic unless it was really needed.
Right now it is almost two on a glorious Saturday afternoon, you’ll not be going to your usual Gymboree class today, in fact you are still sleeping whilst I am writing this. The temperature is down to normal although through the effect of the medicine because early this morning you were still running hot at around 38co, if you are not better today we are planning to take you back to the Hospital tomorrow, perhaps you’ll need to start to take the antibiotics as well, we sincerely hope not.