Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Afternoon of fun?

Mobile Photo Dec 1, 2009 9 51 05


An afternoon with dad is full of fun and joy

Endless rows and rows of wonderful toys,

from robots that walk and talk

to flying planes and steaming choo choo trains.

I wanted all, I really did,

that’s when it came to a sudden skid.

Looking back at my father I now realised,

that he isn’t such a wonderful guy

He had planned it all with such a precision

while hiding an utterly devious intention,

of just letting me play with these toys for free

then leave to see mum by three.

He carried me away with nothing but memories

and I did my best not to cry

His awful behaviour is now forever imprinted in history

I wish I was old enough to give him a huge black eye :)


(actually I’d bought him 3 small footballs, and he loves it)