Friday, December 18, 2009

Is Al Gore a Lier???

More specifically should his film ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ be re titled as ‘A very convenient LIE (for the few)’???

The link above will take you to a presentation by Christopher Monckton (about an hour and a half or so), he may not have the multi million dollars, spit and polish presentation, nothing flashes, nothing moves, no heart wrenching pictures of ice caps melting; just scientific graphs, equations and quotes from the science community.

In short, and as a conclusion, UN is lying, Al Gore is lying, this in turn changed public policy in various countries (less planting for food, and more for bio fuel), putting strain on global food production, driving up prices and starving/killing the poor.

No more comments from me, please just take a look at the video, and make the conclusion for yourself, a well spent hour and a half for me, will do more googling/binging on ‘climategate’ :)