Wednesday, December 10, 2008

7 Months and Moving...

Copy of IMG_5283 A few weeks ago, we were wondering why you were chewing so much (carpet, curtains, toys, even the remote control), well, it certainly wasn't because you were hungry. Then we discovered 2 white lines appearing on your bottom gum... Your teeth are coming :), and soon you'll be packing your stuff and head off to University.

Much to our initial excitement, you are no longer just a lump of joy laying (giggling) in one spot (sure, you can roll over from your tummy to your back and spin 360 on your tummy but for the most part you have been pretty much remaining in one spot).


Well, no more, it took you about 7 months to co-ordinate your arms, legs and bottom to give you forward motion (it was exciting at first, but now it is just hard work pulling you back every 2 minutes).

IMG_5420The procedures go something like this... 1. Get into a crawling position (on your hands and knees)... 2. Stretch out both legs so that your bottom sticks out in the air... and here is the best part... 3. Remove both hands, and let your body fall forward... 4. Repeat until arriving at the most dangerous location (eg. the edge of the bed)... 5. Reset (this is basically where your mother and I pull you back).





This is one of my favourite :), You are still attending your weekly class, and making new friends every week, I must say you and your friends don't talk much but absolutely enjoying bashing each other in the head with any toys you can grab.

You now speak some kind of a forgotten language, which contains only O, U, A and M, well only 22 more alphabets to go... :)

IMG_5229Self censorship on my part... haa haa haa, you have just had one huge doo doo and as you can see on your face, you seemed to be extremely proud of yourself :)






IMG_5461 This was your first social event, at our friend's wedding, I must say, you were in top form... Besides arriving very, very late... you, a baby who hardly cries decided to have a change of habit and decided to turn on the water work, it was of a Niagara falls proportion, the amount of tears produced could have drown a fully grown blue whale :)

Love you


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