Monday, December 29, 2008

Bits of Bangkok, Banjakiti Park


We had a few hours to kill after your monthly injection, so firstly we went to Chamchuri Complex (one of the new lifestyle mall), had a quick lunch at the ‘Water Bar’, where you’d slept all the way through. Then we had decided to visit ‘Bangkok Dolphins’, this is where you’ll be swimming next month, :) judging by the way how much you enjoy your bath time, we thought you would love this (by the way, we did find it but it was closed)

DSC_0028 The weather was on our side and with a little bit of time left on our hands, we headed to ‘Benjakiti park’, this park is situated not too far from Bangkok’s most well known ‘Lumpinee’ park, Benjakiti park runs along the Ratchadapisek (ring) Road, next to the ‘Asoke’ intersection.

The highlight is definitely the huge man made lake which took up the majority of the park. But now with hindsight, it was a mistake to take you there after your injection, as there was a small chance of you running a temperature.

We must have spent almost an hour there, at the end of it all you had looked a little tired, so after a couple of more places we arrived home at around eight pm.

DSC_0052(I am not too happy with the pics, to me they are all over exposed, may be it was my fault…)… (3 days later… yes it was my fault, the exposure was set at +0.7… :( )


It was a terrible night for you (and your mother), your temperature was around 38.2 and you kept waking up and crying every 20 to 30 minutes all through the night (meaning that your mother had no sleep whatsoever). Finally Monday morning came, and just before all of us got into the car, you had a huge number 2… then we understood why you were tossing and turning and crying most of the night.

DSC_0072 (2)You were suffering from a tummy bug… that of course could also explained the high temperature…

Well it is now Monday’s evening, and all seemed to be back to normal (touch wood)… tomorrow is the last working day of 2008, and we get to spend the next 5 days looking after you… oh, what a delight (not being sarcastic at all, haa haa haa).

Love you,


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