Monday, November 3, 2008

Strange Saturday

I can not believe how complex you can be, you are not just about eat, play, poo and sleep :) It all started quite early this past Saturday, your mother's parents came to visit with your Auntie Tip. Your Aunt came up to our room and took you downstairs, as you were quite sleepy you didn't minded, that was until you were downstairs and got your bearing back.

I think the rabbit on the moon must have heard your scream, as you were not familiar with Tip it must have given you quite a shock. Once you were back in your mother's arms you were your playful-self again.

That is until we got to Gymboree, usually you are so social, smiling and laughing to all the new faces who would come up to you to say hi, but this time there were no smiles just buckets and buckets of tears, whenever a stranger would come up to you.

Hopefully things will be back to normal next Saturday... so no new pictures this week, all was a bit of a downer... especially when I have just bought a new SD card (8 gigs)...

Love you.


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