Saturday, December 20, 2008

Almost 2009 :)

Your mother and I were just talking this evening (while we were giving you a bath), that everything was so different to just only 6 – 7 months ago. When you first got home, it was so easy to give you a bath… Then, all we had to do was to wrap you up in a blanket to keep you as still as a tree, but now I don’t think even Wonder Women’s Lasso of Truth could have kept you still. Giving you a bath is like putting a 8 Kgs lump of Sodium into a bath of warm water (don’t try this when you grow up).

We are very much looking forward to your first New Year, basically because we shall be getting 5 days off, and so we are planning a couple of short one day trips somewhere (originally we were going to go away for a few days, but the thought of packing all of the things that you would need have put us off the idea almost instantaneously)… The infamous Bangkok’s traffic would be just a legend for those coming 5 days, it is almost worth not going anywhere just for that.

Copy of DSC_0057 Today we took you to the Gymboree again,  you’ll be glad to here that next week they are closed, so next Saturday you don’t even have to get out from your pyjamas (again) :)

Each week we could see our progress, the speed that you are ‘caterpillar-ing’ around on the floor (well, one certainly can not call it crawling) is quiet amazing’

Love you.

Mum & Dad

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