Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Worth a Visit: Sergey Larenkov

then-now-15I have always been drawn towards “Then and Now” photographs, whether it be ‘Dear Photograph’ or ‘Back to the Future’, but these ones from “Sergey Larenkov” are amazing (click his name to go to his site), I feel that due to the topic that he had chosen (historically so important to all of us) and his execution of putting the photographs together (merging, overlaying), it is just perfect in conveying the emotions and really does bring the past, to the future, to us. If you have time, please visit his site at http://sergey-larenkov.livejournal.com/ you won’t be disappointed.


I first saw his photographs on ‘The Chive’, but there were no information to where it had come from or who was the owner, so the next logical thing to do was to ask Google (using ‘then and now photos of WW2’), a few links came up, one of the link was ‘Pakistan Defence’, it had the same set of photos but this time Sergey Larenkov was watermarked on most of the photos, and that was all any needed to find his site :)


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